Managing Anxiety in a Highly Anxious World

In today’s high-paced world the rates of anxiety and stress are at record levels. In fact, recent research points to upwards of 39% of adults acknowledging that they have anxiety that interferes with their everyday life, in some capacity. Though the debate on CBD’s role in reducing anxiety is still up for debate, many scientific conclusions suggest that CBD anxiety relief may play a positive role in helping Americans manage their stress and anxiety levels.

As the number of anti-anxiety prescriptions continue to climb, with one in every five adults taking prescription medications daily to manage their anxiety, the growing dependence on these medications can have lasting effects. Here at Highline Wellness, we are a leading provider of all-natural healing and relaxing remedies backed by scientific evidence. Our CBD is third-party verified and contains zero THC content to ensure that our customers get the best product that can help them alleviate their stress.

In addition to high-quality CBD anxiety relief products, meditation and yoga can also be incorporated into your lifestyle to ease the stresses of the everyday grind.  Think about meditation as exercise for your mind. Your mind is constantly running, constantly working, meditation is a way for your mind to shut off, to rest, to reset.  It’s a way of training the voice in your head to slow down, and focus on the here and now.

Does meditation help with stress and anxiety?

Even making daily meditation a part of your wellness regime can be beneficial in helping to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Research has found that by using simple meditative techniques practiced for as little as 10 minutes each day can help you better control stress, decrease anxiety, and boost your overall heart health.

Stress | Anxiety | CBD Anxiety | Highline Wellness  When your body is continuously stressed, it is in an agitated state that can pose a threat to how your body functions and responds to everyday stressors. This inadvertently initiates your fight or flight response which in turns causes your body to produce adrenaline hormones that increase your blood pressure and elevate your heart rate. Not only does this perpetuate the stress you may be feeling, but it also puts your body at greater risk of illness.

By leveraging meditation, you are able to reverse the fight or flight response and calm your nervous system which enables you to reach a more relaxed state and restore your body’s functioning, including normalizing your blood pressure, heart rate and hormone levels.

Can CBD oil help ease anxiety?

When it comes to finding all-natural, stress-reducing alternatives, CBD can be a viable option to anxiety sufferers. The medical research supporting the use of CBD as an anxiety management solution is growing and creating a compelling case for its everyday use in high-paced environments like New York City.

CBD Drops | CBD Oil | Highline WellnessA 2010 CBD anxiety study found that CBD can reduce the negative symptoms associated with social anxiety disorder. When researchers examined the blood flow of those with anxiety disorders, they found that they had increased blood flow to the parts of the brain that deal with stress. However, when participants were given CBD, not only did it make them feel less stressed, it altered how their brain responded to stress. In a similar 2011 double-blind study, CBD was given to participants that had a fear of public speaking. One group was given a small dose of CBD oil and asked to rate their anxiety before, during, and after the public speaking event. A second group was given a placebo and asked to self-report their levels of anxiety, similar to the experimental group. Researchers found that across the board, participants that received the CBD prior to the public speaking engagement, performed better and reported a lower anxiety level.

In addition, a 2016 case study of a young child suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and an anxiety-provoked sleep disorder found a positive link between using CBD anxiety treatment and a reduction in anxiety and PTSD symptoms. This study further suggests the positive healing and anti-anxiety benefits of CBD have on young children and vulnerable populations, including the elderly or injured.

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