4 Wellness Goals To Help You Live (and Sleep) More Mindfully

4 Wellness Goals To Help You Live (and Sleep) More Mindfully

It’s always the right time to think about wellness goals. Whether you’re focused on living a more streamlined life or have specific goals like improving your sleep, a more mindful lifestyle is sure to help you achieve them. Today we’re diving into four wellness goals that are broad enough to be easily implemented, with functional outcomes. Let’s get to it!

1. Create and nurture balance in your life.

One of the most important components of overall wellness is balance. A balanced life means having enough time to devote to personal fulfillment, everything from pursuing your passions and hobbies, spending time with friends and family, staying fit and active, and engaging with your community. At the other end of the balanced spectrum is relaxation and sleep, as down time gives us the opportunity to self-reflect, rest, and even reset.

The benefits of a well-rounded lifestyle can be physical, social, and/or emotional. A balanced life is one in which your everyday activities provide a mixed bag of benefits. For example, going for a jog can help improve bone and muscle strength and boost your cardiovascular system – that’s the physical benefit. Jog with a friend and you’re adding a social benefit. Whether you’re jogging solo or with a partner, there’s an emotional benefit, too: jogging is a great stress reliever.

Another component to nurturing a balanced life is to do so mindfully. While mindfulness is often associated with meditation and breathing exercises, it’s also more broadly a state of mind. To be mindful, at its core, is to be present. Be present in all your daily activities, inviting an awareness of your own sensations as well as the surrounding environment. Mindfulness can help you live a more peaceful, stress-free life, allowing you to achieve all your wellness goals.

2. Activate the power of ritual.

The best wellness goals can be applied to a broad spectrum of daily life, such as developing and sticking to daily routines. One way to tap into the power of planning is to start by writing out your daily schedule. Not only can this help you set intentions for the day in terms of the tasks you need to accomplish, but it can also ensure that you’re actually setting aside time to go for that daily jog, read 30 pages of that book, or prep that evening’s meal.

Routines will become habits if you stick with them. At the same time, it’s important to be flexible. If your routine just feels like a chore, give yourself the flexibility to reimagine how you’d like to carve out time in your day. Start small, such as making a ritual out of your evening wind down, whether that means journaling for 15 minutes or taking CBD Night Gummies for sleep 30 minutes before bed.

3. Prioritize your sleep schedule.

Speaking of nighttime routines, one of the most beneficial wellness goals you can have is to improve the quality of your sleep. Not only does quality sleep physically revive you, but it can also boost your memory, help protect you against illness, and improve your overall health and well-being. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep, between 7-9 hours for most adults, and embrace habits that promote more restful sleep, such as avoiding screen use before bedtime.

If you need some extra help chilling out before bed, CBD Oil for sleep is an all-natural alternative, especially when using a formula paired with melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone produced by our bodies which helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Studies have even found an improvement in sleep quality within the first month in patients taking CBD. For more advice on how to improve your sleep, check out our Top 6 Tips for How to Sleep Better, 5 Keys to Better Sleep, and How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule.


Self-care is having its moment in the sun, for good reason. One of the best wellness goals that anyone can easily implement is to make room in your life for self-care. Our favorite thing about this goal is that it’s different for everyone, based on what is most soothing to each individual. By taking action to both maintain and enhance your state of mind and well-being, you’ll be better equipped to tackle each day’s challenges head on.

This goal is inherently connected to the first three wellness goals, as practicing your favorite self-care can help you live a balanced life, become a part of your rituals, and even improve the quality of your sleep by putting you into a more restful state of mind before bed. From taking a relaxing, restorative bath – don’t forget to light a candle and put on some lo-fi ambient chill music – to walking through a park to upping your skincare routine, there’s an ideal form of self-care for everyone.

Wellness is an all-encompassing term that includes the life of the body and the life of the mind. With the right wellness goals, it’s in your power to live your most intentional, well-rounded life, one in which you are able to let your natural creativity and skills shine in every facet of life. After all, an overall healthier lifestyle is more than diet and fitness; it includes time to restore, recharge, and refocus too.

Our favorite compound, CBD, can be a helpful addition to all your wellness goals, with its ability to provide potential relief from anxiety and stress to sleep troubles and even more. Learn even more in our CBD 101 guide and check out our blog to read our latest posts about sleep, stress, and all things wellness!

From taking a relaxing, restorative bath with our Premium CBD Bath Bomb – don’t forget to light a candle and put on some lo-fi ambient chill music – to walking through a park to upping your skincare routine, there’s an ideal form of self-care for everyone.

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