CBD and Meditation: The Mental Connection

CBD and Meditation: The Mental Connection

It’s no secret that we’re fascinated by all things wellness here at Highline, everything from nutrition to mental health. With its organic origins and ability to help soothe a variety of both pains and stresses, it’s only natural that CBD has been welcomed into the wider world of wellness and mindfulness. Today, we’re focusing on meditation and the role that CBD can play with enhancing, elevating, and taking your practice to new levels. 

What is meditation?

Before we turn to CBD, let’s touch on meditation. Simply put, meditation is the practice of using techniques to train your attention, achieve a mentally clear state, and promote calmness and serenity. Some of the most common techniques for meditation include focusing your thoughts on one specific object and mindfulness, the concept of being fully present and aware in the moment.

Meditation is a deceptively simple practice. It may sound easy to just sit there, but it’s actually quite hard for many people to let go of their racing thoughts. Even if you’re trying to think about nothing, you can get caught up in how you’re trying too hard to think about nothing so you end up thinking about thinking… ad nauseum. 

CBD and meditation: stress relief.

It turns out that there’s a little something that may be able to help. It’s all-natural and it goes by the name of CBD! CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the compound in the cannabis plant that we hold so dear for its many abilities to help reduce the stresses of everyday life. The stress-relieving, calming properties of CBD make it a natural partner for the practice of mediation, especially if you struggle with turning your mind off due to anxiety. The benefits of CBD and meditation are best felt when cultivated over time, as part of an ongoing ritual. 

“CBD is a complex compound, one that sometimes doesn’t show results right away. CBD works with your endocannabinoid system in an interesting way; the more you consume it, the more receptive your body becomes to it,” writes Maria Loreto for the Chicago Tribune. Consider CBD a tool, one that can help shape you into your best self.

CBD and meditation: concentration.

In addition to lowering stress, CBD can also help potentially increase your ability to concentrate. This is especially valuable when you’re just beginning to explore meditation or if you’re looking to extend the length of your meditations. The ability to improve focus and concentration is vital to the practice of meditation, as the entire concept is built on treating your focus and concentration like a skill, training them through meditation. 

CBD and meditation: mood. 

In addition to the potential for stress relief and improved ability to concentrate, CBD and meditation are also connected through mood. If your mood is off, then it might be even harder to slow down your thoughts or try to direct them. Improve your mood and it may just help your ability to center your mind.

CBD and meditation: how do you use it?

The most common way to add CBD to your wellness routine is with CBD Oils. Some of our favorites include our original CBD Oil, meticulously formulated to deliver a high concentration of broad-spectrum CBD; CBD Day Oil, formulated with B12 to promote clarity and focus; and CBD Energy Oil, a superior energy remedy that can help you stay alert. These CBD oils can be taken orally under the tongue with the dropper or added to food or drinks. You can take a dropper full directly prior to meditation or mix into your smoothie and sip away.

You can also add CBD to your skincare routine with our CBD Body Oil or as an alternative to other muscle-relieving lotions with our CBD Fitness Cream and CBD Body Cream.

If you need more help figuring out where to start with CBD, our Quiz makes it easy by narrowing down based on your desires. Whether enhancing a meditation practice you’ve already cultivated or exploring totally new ways to de-stress and decompress, our CBD oils, CBD gummiesnight gummies, and even CBD topicals can help!

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA