CBD Day Routine

CBD Day Routine


When you wake up, take one or two Day Gummies, depending on your dosage. Whether you start your day with a workout or a long commute, taking a CBD gummy first thing will ensure your day goes smoother.

Even if you don’t feel particularly anxious or stressed in the morning, taking a dose of CBD can prevent you from feeling stressed later in the day. Preventative care is the best care!


After your day has been started for a few hours, assess how you’re feeling. Did a last-minute meeting with your boss get scheduled? Or maybe you forgot to send your kid to school with her lunch box.

If you find yourself needing a mid-morning pick me up, put a dropperful of Mint CBD Oil into your coffee or smoothie. The nice thing about CBD oil is that you can easily adjust your dosage, for just a little boost if you need it.


At lunch time, you might need another gummy, depending on if you took another dose in the mid-morning. If you didn’t take a mid-morning dose, consider taking one of our Anytime Gummies, which will give you that boost you need to avoid a post-lunch slump.


If your afternoon threw you for a loop and you have a project due by the end of the day, put a few drops of our Citrus CBD Oil into your 3pm tea. You’ll feel less stressed and ready to tackle whatever the last few hours of your day have in store!

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA