Holiday Guide for CBD Gifts: 2021 Edition

Holiday Guide for CBD Gifts: 2021 Edition

2020 was a wild ride, and 2021 didn’t slow down quite as much as we were all hoping. With that in mind, we’re surely looking forward to the holidays more than ever, with many of us looking to reduce stress and feel our best. As another new year approaches, CBD gifts make an excellent addition to your holiday lists this season.

Whether creating your own CBD gift box by choosing a few items to bundle together or trusting the minds at Highline and checking out our very own curated gift sets, you’re sure to find the perfect CBD gifts for everyone in your life, from friends and family members to co-workers and neighbors. No matter their needs or wants, CBD makes a great gift for anyone! 

Curated CBD Gift Sets 

The Dawn Kit 

Perfect for the alarm snoozers, night owls, or the “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” friend or family member in your life, the 4-piece Dawn Kit is designed to help seamlessly transition from deep slumber to energized attentiveness. Complete with morning-centric CBD gifts, this kit includes our CBD Gummies for Energy, CBD Under Eye Balm, CBD Relief Roller, and mint-flavored CBD Oil. Your grumpiest loved one might just find themselves actually willingly turning the camera on for their next 8am Zoom call! 

The Daylight Kit

Give them the gift of a happier, healthier, more productive New Year this holiday season with the 4-piece Daylight Kit! The CBD gifts included in this set are the CBD Day Gummies for Focus, CBD Facial Mist, CBD Fitness Cream, and citrus-flavored CBD Oil. Perfectly packaged and ready to gift, this is an ideal choice for the loved one in your life who is looking to refresh, recharge, and refocus in 2022!

The Dusk Kit

For the night owl, self-care enthusiast, or loved one who is always on the go, the ideal CBD gifts come in our 4-piece Dusk Kit. Complete with CBD Night Gummies for Sleep, CBD Bath Bomb, CBD Relief Roller, and CBD Body Cream, the selections curated in this gift set all inspire relaxation, helping your loved ones to unwind both body and mind. Peaceful, restful sleep awaits – no sheep required.

New 2021 Gift Set: Coming Soon!

That’s not all! Watch this space as we have a brand new CBD gift set coming this season that you’re not gonna wanna miss! (It’s okay to include yourself on your holiday shopping list, right?) Explore all our curated CBD gifts here and don’t forget to sign up to be notified exactly when the new kit drops!

CBD Gifts for Those New to CBD

For anyone in your life who’s new to CBD (hello, mom and dad), this CBD Gummies Bundle gives an introduction to CBD so they can find what works best for them. This bundle includes our Day, Night, and Anytime Gummies, so Mom can sleep through Dad’s snoring and Dad can feel energized in the morning after a night of snoring.

Suggested CBD Products

  • CBD Gummies Bundle — an easy introduction to a variety of our CBD gummies, so your loved one can choose which is best for them! Includes Day, Night, and Anytime Gummies.
  • Triple Threat Gummy Bundle — this pack includes Day, Night, and Immunity Gummies. Our Immunity Gummies contain Vitamin C and Zinc, ingredients known for their ability to potentially improve immunity.

CBD Gifts for the Athlete

We all have that cousin who’s trying to go pro in whatever sport or the little brother who’s suddenly into Crossfit. Gift them CBD Fitness Cream, which may be able to help soothe sore muscles and relieve tensions after a tough workout.

Suggested CBD Products

  • CBD Fitness Cream — lightly cooling menthol and CBD combine with soothing aloe vera for a superior cream that helps promote relief of tense muscles. 
  • CBD Body Cream — when sore muscles set in, this freshly scented, non-greasy formula for full-body relief might do just the trick.

CBD Gifts for the Stressed

For CBD gifts that make excellent stocking stuffers, look no further than our Relief Rollers. The blend of essential oils and CBD may be able to help with those headache-inducing moments that seem to be happening more and more often lately. Save one for yourself and share the rest with friends and family!

Suggested CBD Products

  • Relief Rollers — essential oils and CBD may be able to provide relief during headache-inducing moments, all while smelling great.
  • CBD Bath Bomb — soothe body and mind by tossing a CBD bath bomb in your next bubble bath, packed with nourishing ingredients for the skin.

CBD Gifts for the Self-Care Lover

Bath bombs are the perfect Secret Santa gift for that friend who lives for Self-Care Saturdays. Level up your CBD gifts with a CBD Bath Bomb that not only is good for the skin, but also supports relaxation inside and out and may even be able to promote reduction of inflammation.

Suggested CBD Products

  • CBD Bath Bomb — for the bath-lover in your life, this CBD bath bomb will take their Self-Care Sunday to the next level.
  • CBD Lip Balm — Vitamin E and coconut oil keep lips hydrated for when that cruel Midwest winter wind hits the face.

CBD Gifts for the Caffeinated

Don’t know what to get your workaholic coworker or sister who’s a mom of three? Consider our CBD Gummies for Energy, which contain both CBD and caffeine for a jolt of energy without the jitters. The calming effects of CBD may serve to counteract the negative side effects of consuming our beloved lattes and mochas, though more studies and research are needed. 

Suggested CBD Products

  • CBD Gummies for Energy — a dose of caffeine for the energy you need to jump start your day, with CBD to potentially help calm those jitters.
  • Mint CBD Oil — for those who prefer to caffeinate with a cup of coffee, a little Mint CBD Oil is the perfect, simple addition to their morning cup!

CBD Gifts for You & Your Siblings

Being with your entire family can be a little… stressful. If you and your siblings or cousins are at your wit’s end, make sure you’re stocked up on Mint CBD Oil — you can each put a few drops in your coffee to help get through Christmas morning with screaming nieces and nephews, overbearing parents, and nosy aunts. 

Suggested CBD Products

  • Mint CBD Oil — minty and fresh, this CBD oil makes the perfect addition to your smoothie or coffee!
  • Citrus CBD Oil — the CBD oil you know and love, in a refreshing citrus flavor!

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift for your most stressed out friend or want to slyly introduce Aunt Margo to the potential of CBD, we have CBD gifts for everyone on your list! If you need even more ideas, check out our CBD Quiz to finetune by needs. (We’re pretty sure you’ll be set to become Aunt Margo’s favorite, but don’t hold us to it!)