CBD Night Routine

CBD Night Routine


When it’s time to eat dinner, you can take another dose of CBD if you’re looking to feel a dose of calm before you go on that late-night date. You can take a few drops of Mint or Citrus Oil under your tongue when you eat.

Remember, that you shouldn’t heat CBD oil, so you can’t necessarily incorporate it into your heated dishes. But if you are eating a light dinner, like a smoothie, you can put a few drops in there!


After dinner, take a little time to unwind from the day and treat yourself to a face mask and a hot bath with our CBD Bath Bomb. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease!

If you had a hard day at work or did a strenuous workout, take some “me time” and give yourself a massage with our Body Cream that helps relieve tension in tight muscles — whether from looking at your computer or running a few miles.

Before Bed

About 30 minutes before you plan to fall asleep, take one or two Night Gummies, depending on your dosage, to help you more easily fall and stay asleep. After you take your gummy, read your favorite book for a little, or do a face mask — and after half an hour, you’ll be ready for bed!

Alternatively, you could take a dropperful of CBD Mint Oil, which could still help you fall asleep but does not contain melatonin like our Night Gummies.

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA