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Prioritize Your Self-Care Needs With CBD Subscription Boxes

Let’s be honest… Life is stressful and super hectic these days. And that probably means that self-care is usually at the bottom of your to-do list.

“I just need to take care of everything else, and everyone else, and then I’ll take some time for myself.”

That’s what you tell yourself all the time, but do you ever actually do it?

Or are you so burnt out from putting everything and everyone above your own needs, that you forget even to purchase the essentials you’ll need to achieve self-care practices?

That’s where we come in…

Here at Highline Wellness, we want to make your life easier. This is why we offer the best CBD subscription boxes that fit your lifestyle.

From our highly praised and reviewed CBD gummies for sleep, to our pain relief CBD rollers, potent CBD oils, and hydrating CBD bath bombs—we offer effective CBD products for everyone.

And the best part… You can subscribe to monthly deliveries of each of these products whenever you want. That way, you never have to put your self-care on the back burner again.

But we get it, you’re still not sure what a CBD subscription box is…

What Is a CBD Box?

A CBD box is a subscription service that allows you to receive a box of various hemp-derived products every month for one set fee.

Now before we move on, CBD subscription boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and names.

But regardless of the many names, CBD box, a hemp box, or a hemp crate box, they’re all essentially the same thing… A subscription hemp box that contains various hemp accessories and CBD products.

And let’s just say, it’s a genius “one and done” type of service. You simply order/subscribe to a product or products just once, and you're done! You never have to order those products again.

And the best part is those products magically arrive at your doorstep each month (or whatever time frame you determine). Now that’s what we call making your self-care a priority!

Because here’s the thing… you already have enough to worry about all day every day.

So the last thing you need to stress about is whether you have enough CBD sleep gummies to last for the rest of the month… or if your CBD relief roller is filled up enough to address those relentless aches and pains.

You see, CBD subscription boxes allow you to live your life to the fullest and be the superhuman you want to be, without having to worry about running out of your much-needed CBD essentials.

Do you still need some convincing that CBD subscriptions are the best way for you to receive the self-care you deserve?

Well, let’s take a look at…

8 Benefits of CBD Subscription Boxes

We all know that the benefits of CBD are astounding. People across the world rely on CBD to help bring forth balance and relief into their bodies.

We love it!

But the benefits of CBD can’t be had if you don’t have your high-quality CBD on hand when you need it most.

That’s where CBD subscription boxes come into play.

Let’s take a look at the following benefits of CBD club subscription boxes…

1. Perfect for Beginners

If you’re new to CBD, chances are you don’t know which CBD product is going to work best for you yet.

You’re probably wondering: What are the most effective CBD products in the first place?

First things first, every person is different. This means, what works for one person, may not work for you.

So, while CBD capsules may work wonders for one person’s aches and pains, they may not work the same for you.

Instead, you might find that CBD relief creams and rollers work best at relieving normal built-up tension in your body.

But finding the perfect CBD product to address your specific needs can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner.

That’s why certain CBD membership subscription services make it easy for you to try different CBD-infused products without having to buy the full-sized product. 

They call this box a CBD sample box.

Keep in mind that each CBD subscription service is different. But if you’re a beginner, subscribing to a monthly CBD box allows you to try different products to see which ones work best for you and your needs.

Once you discover which CBD products you like best, you can easily subscribe to just those products and do away with the others.

2. Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

The CBD market is huge! From CBD gummies to flavored CBD tinctures and lip balms, CBD can essentially be infused into anything these days.

So it can be a little stressful navigating through the sea of CBD products on the market today.

While some CBD subscription services specialize in sending you a box of various products to try each month, there are a few brands that allow you to customize your CBD subscription box.

In other words, customizing your CBD subscription box means that you have total control over which CBD products you want to receive every month.

Because at the end of the day, you know what you need best!

What’s more, you can even try different CBD products over a few months to see if you even like them. Then if you find that those products don’t work for you, you can easily switch them out for different ones until you find the right CBD product that works best for you.

3. Save Money

One of the biggest perks of subscribing to CBD boxes is that you end up saving tons of money.

Here’s the deal… High-quality CBD isn’t cheap. It takes a lot of testing, good farming practices, safe extraction methods, healthy additional ingredients, and more testing to formulate truly high-quality CBD products.

So, if you’re wanting high-quality CBD that’s truly effective to meet your needs, you’re going to have to spend some money.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings.

Reputable CBD subscription boxes not only focus on creating high-quality products, but they make them attainable at an affordable price.

When you subscribe to a CBD box, you save anywhere from 5% to as much as 20% per purchase.

What’s more, some CBD subscription box services provide their customers the option to choose different subscription tiers.

These tiers may range in different dosages, CBD products, and customization.

Needless to say, you end up saving tons of money when you opt for subscribing to a monthly CBD box.

4. Save Time & Prevent Stress

cbd subscription box - Highline Wellness

In our modern world, it’s hard to obtain downtime. But when you do, that precious time shouldn’t be wasted on shopping for your much-needed CBD oil products.

Instead, that free time should be dedicated to doing what you love and enjoy most.

When you opt for subscribing to a monthly CBD box, you not only save money but also gain more free time. You never have to worry about spending your precious time reordering yet another bottle of CBD gummies or CBD oil tinctures again.

Because all you have to do is choose the product you want to subscribe to, pick the date you want it to be delivered at the same time once a month, and that’s it. You’re done!

Now you have the freedom to relax and just let your CBD essentials arrive at your door at the same time once a month. Talk about a stress-free delivery service!

5. Guaranteed High-Quality Products Every Time

When you subscribe to a monthly CBD subscription box from a reputable CBD brand, you never have to worry about the quality of your products again. 

This is because the best CBD brands create their products from high-quality sourced hemp, and they are formulated using the best extraction methods and clean ingredients.

These reputable CBD brands also provide third-party lab reports and excellent customer service to help educate people on their products.

6. Give Access to New Products & Exclusive Deals

Hemp biochemists are always finding new and inventive ways to deliver CBD to the human body.

When you sign up for a CBD membership through a subscription service, you essentially gain first-hand access to new hemp and CBD-based products before the mass general public.

You also receive emails that will offer you exclusive deals and release dates of the hemp brands’ new products, like CBD lip balms, edibles, and clothing.

7. Allow a Maintained Healthy CBD Regimen

CBD is packed with therapeutic benefits. But none of those benefits can be achieved if you don’t take your CBD regularly. 

CBD is most effective when you take it consistently.

So, having a subscription to a high-quality CBD box allows you to keep up your CBD regimen without having to worry about reordering every time you run out.

This comes in handy for busy moms, active athletes, and on-the-go professionals.

8. Eliminate the Fear of Running out of Your Much-Needed CBD Products

Running out of CBD can cause a lot of stress, especially if you rely on CBD to get you through the day or night.

Many people use CBD to achieve better sleep, lessen anxiety, reduce aches and pains, and more.

So running out of your CBD can raise some concerns when you need it most.

But when you subscribe to a monthly CBD box, you never have to worry about running out of your CBD again. This is because a CBD subscription box will arrive at your doorstep at the same time every month.

Some CBD subscription services even provide weekly, bi-weekly, and bi-monthly delivery options as well.

Just be sure that you research the CBD product before you subscribe to it.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

Can CBD Be Subscribed?

cbd subscription boxes - Highline Wellness

Yes! Hemp-derived CBD and hemp-infused products can be subscribed to as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

However, there are a few states in America that have developed stipulations regarding the use and purchase of hemp-derived CBD products.

For those reasons, we highly encourage you to check with your state laws before you decide to subscribe to a CBD box.

Also, be sure that the CBD brand you’re considering can ship their monthly crates or CBD health boxes to your state.

If you’re having trouble finding a legit CBD subscription box that you can successfully subscribe to, then visit the CBD Reddit forum.

There you’ll likely learn of the many different CBD subscription box services available.

Unfortunately, many CBD brands that offer crate subscriptions do so only to turn a profit. That’s right, certain shady hemp brands are only out to get your hard-earned money.

But thankfully, Reddit users on the CBD Reddit forums often shed light on which CBD brands create high-quality and truly effective hemp-derived products.

They also share their own experiences on which CBD products performed the best for their needs.

This brings us to…

How to Choose the Best CBD Products to Subscribe to

With the CBD market being as big as it is, finding high-quality CBD can be downright overwhelming.

That’s why we encourage you to do your due diligence and research the CBD brand before you decide to subscribe to their monthly CBD boxes.

Here’s a buying guide that’s super easy to follow…

Hemp Source

The first thing you need to look for is if the CBD is sourced from high-quality grown hemp.

Look for hemp that undergoes good farming practices and is free from pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.

The cleaner the hemp source, the higher the quality of the final CBD extract will be.

Extraction Methods

Next, you’ll want to see how the Hemp brand extracts its CBD.

Look for clean extraction methods like CO2 extraction.

Also, look for CBD brands that have their products extracted in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified laboratory. This ensures that the CBD brand is adhering to the regulations and manufacturing standards of the FDA.

Third-Party Testing

Whatever you do, never purchase a CBD product from a brand that doesn’t have their CBD products thoroughly third-party tested.

Third-party testing means that before the final CBD product is sold to the general public, it is first tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to ensure that it is free from harmful chemicals, accurately labeled, and safe to consume.

If the CBD brand doesn’t provide lab testing results, then you’ll want to reach out to them and have them send you the lab results via email.

If they can’t provide the lab test results, it’s best to move on to the next CBD brand.

The last thing you want is to consume a CBD product that hasn’t been tested by a third party for safety and accuracy.

Brand Reputation

Last but not least, explore the reputation of the CBD brand and its products.

This is where the CBD Reddit forums and customer reviews come in handy.

You can type “CBD edible subscriptions” into the Reddit search bar, and you’ll uncover tons of reviews and info regarding the different CBD brands that offer monthly edible subscription boxes.

This will also work for brands that offer CBD tincture boxes, hemp gift boxes, and more.

Also, look to see if the CBD brand provides educational blog posts and scientific reports. The more a CBD brand educates its readers, the more credible they are.

And finally, be sure to reach out to their customer service team.

Reputable CBD brands value their customers. So they’ll provide top-notch customer service every time you reach out.

Bottom line: If you’re asking, “how do I know if a CBD product is legit?”, then using our buying guide listed above is your answer.

Doing your due diligence in researching the different CBD brands on the market today will always steer you in the right direction to finding the best and safest CBD products to subscribe to.


What Are the Different CBD Subscription Boxes Available?

subscription boxes - Highline Wellness

There are tons of CBD subscription services available on the market. Some of them act as a hub for several CBD brands to choose from.

However, other CBD brands only focus on customers subscribing to their unique products.

These types of brands are usually the best to subscribe to because they only offer their products. Which means all of their attention is focused on creating high-quality hemp-derived products.

That said, here are a few different subscription boxes that you will see advertised in the CBD market:

  • Anxiety Box Subscription
  • Chronic Pain Subscription Box
  • Edible Subscription box
  • Hemp Beauty Subscription Box
  • CBD Oil Subscription Box

And the list can go on and on. Some CBD subscription services even provide wholesale subscription boxes for people who are interested in starting their affiliate hemp programs and CBD businesses.

Needless to say, the CBD subscription market is huge. This is why it can be overwhelming to find a CBD subscription service that meets your needs.

Because the truth is, every CBD brand and subscription service will say that they are the best. So it all boils down to doing your due diligence.

We’ll say it again and again: You must research the brand and their products before you subscribe to their product boxes.

Should you get a CBD Subscription Box?

Absolutely! As we mentioned above, there are a lot of perks to be had when you sign up for a CBD subscription. Some of which make you feel like a kid again. 

Think about it…

As a kid, didn’t you love receiving a package in the mail?

It didn’t matter who it was from, receiving a package with your name on it meant that someone was thinking of you.

Well, that’s the same feeling you’ll experience once a month when you subscribe to a CBD box. But not just any ol’ CBD subscription box. It has to be a legit CBD subscription from a reputable CBD brand.

Here at Highline Wellness, we not only enjoy bringing the inner kid out of our customers, but we also take pride in formulating only the safest and best CBD products on the market.

And here’s how we do it…

  • We first source all of our CBD from premium-grown hemp free from pesticides, metals, and other toxic chemicals and contaminants.
  • We then have our CBD extracted in a GMP-certified facility to ensure that we meet the regulations and standards set by the FDA.
  • Once our CBD is safely extracted, we then send it off to be rigorously tested by an accredited and unbiased third-party laboratory.

We spend a lot of time and resources creating and formulating our premium CBD products. Because these products aren’t just for you, they’re for us too.

And since we know that our high-quality CBD products are so essential for self-care, we allow our customers to subscribe to our products so that they never have to worry about running out of their much-needed CBD again.

From potent CBD tinctures, to therapeutically relaxing CBD bombs, we have something for everyone.

cbd oil - Highline Wellness

Our CBD gummies are often reviewed as the tastiest, most effective, and best CBD snacks.

We make it very easy for you to customize your own CBD subscriptions and allow you to change them whenever you need to.

And here’s the best part… When you subscribe to our CBD products, you end up saving as much as 20% each month.

If you’re ready to prioritize your self-care needs and finally rid yourself of the worry of running out of your much-needed CBD products, we invite you to explore our collection of CBD subscription products today!

For all additional questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us a Highline Wellness. We’d love to help in any way we can! 

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA