How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

A variety of factors—from the type of CBD, how you ingest it, and your own body—affect how long it takes to work, as well as how long you’ll feel the effects.

Without further ado, let’s dive in to the specifics!

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

Depending on the method of ingestion, you can experience results almost immediately, or up to a few hours later.

Oil (Under the Tongue)

  • Effects felt around 30 minutes

Gummies and Oil (Ingested)

  • Effects felt around an hour


  • Effects felt around an hour

How long do the effects of CBD last?

It depends on the method of ingestion, dose, and your own body, but the effects of CBD can last anywhere from 2–8 hours.

The more fat cells you have, the more places CBD can be stored, which means it’ll stay in your body longer. And, the more consistently you take CBD, the longer you’ll likely experience effects.

Factors that impact CBD effects and duration



A lower-grade CBD product will likely not be as effective. Of course, as with anything you put in your body, a higher quality product is always the better option. Do your research and make sure high-quality hemp plants and quality extraction processes are used to make the end product.

Want to know how to find the good stuff"/blogs/news/how-to-find-quality-cbd-products">Read our blog on choosing the right CBD brand.


The potency of your CBD product will also affect how long it takes to kick in and how long the effects last. A higher potency will stay in your system longer.

Highline Wellness offers five different potencies for our CBD oil, but we recommend starting with the lowest potency and the lowest dose to find the right balance for your body.


How much CBD oil you take at a time will also affect how long it takes to work and for the effects to wear off. If you take a higher dose, you will likely feel the effects faster as opposed to a lower dose.

As mentioned before, we recommend starting with the lowest dose and potency to find what works best for you.


Under tongue

Taking CBD oil sublingually (underneath your tongue) is the fastest way to get CBD oil to work and feel its effects—almost immediately. The CBD is quickly absorbed, instead of passing through your stomach.


Applying CBD topically is the best way to relieve aching muscles and joints, such as in the form of a body cream or roller. You’ll likely start to feel the effects after an hour or so, once the cream has had time to soak in.


If you ingest CBD—whether you mix oil into your coffee or take a gummy before bed—you’ll begin to feel it working after 1–2 hours, since the CBD has to go through your stomach first.

Your body


How long CBD takes to work and how long you’ll feel its effects largely depends on your weight. Someone with more fat will store CBD for longer, allowing it to hang out in their system for up to a few days (although they likely won’t feel any effects from it).


You should never take CBD on an empty stomach, since it’s fat soluble! Taking it with food or after a meal is your best bet.


We all know those people who have a high metabolism and naturally burn a lot of fat and energy, but those people will likely also burn off their CBD faster! If your body has a slower metabolism, you might experience the effects of CBD for a longer period of time.

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