How Much CBD Should I Take?

How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD dosing is a journey. Everyone is different, so it can take a few tries and combinations to find what works. Since this is such a complicated topic, we put together this guide for all things dosing and how the type of CBD can affect dosing.

Dosing Based on Needs

Our customers have three main reasons they use our products: to gain a better night’s sleep, to combat stress and to ease pain. All three of these needs lead to different dosing and what methods are most effective.

For Stress:

  • We suggest taking CBD 1-3x per day through orally

For Sleep:

  • We suggest taking CBD 2 hours before bedtime orally

For Pain:

  • We suggest taking CBD 1-3x through orally
  • In addition to a localized topical as needed

Peak Times

It’s important to understand when you will feel the effects of CBD so you can find the right dosing times for you. Each CBD product has a peak time for CBD in your system. This will help time your doses for the best experience.

Peak Time for Gummies:

  • Usually, it takes around 1 hour for absorption and can last for 6 hours.

Peak Time for Oil:

  • Usually, it takes 30 minutes for absorption and can last for 5 hours.

Peak Time for Vaping:

  • Usually, it takes about 10 minutes and will taper off shortly after.

When just starting with CBD, we suggest taking your dose and waiting for the peak times before taking another. With that information, you can then take larger doses or take CBD earlier the next day. It’s helpful to get a baseline before taking different doses at different times.

Enhancing Absorption

The amount of CBD in each serving is the amount that could be entering your body. The entire amount will never reach your system, but there are ways you can help increase the amount of CBD that will be absorbed. Each method has tips for optimal ingestion of CBD, ensuring you can get the most out of your dose.


CBD is fat soluble so the more fat consumed with the dose the better absorption. A good option is purchasing a CBD with a carrier like coconut oil. At Highline, all our oils use organic coconut oil as a carrier! Eating before taking your CBD orally also helps increase the amount of CBD that reaches your system so take your dose preferably after a meal. When taking CBD oil sublingually, keep the oil in your mouth for a 1.5 minutes or longer. You can also swish the oil around your mouth to increase surface contact, helping the oil come in contact with capillaries.

Topical CBD products are not meant to enter the system. Instead, they are meant to diffuse through the skin, reaching local targets like muscles. Because of this, topicals are often paired with other methods, like oral CBD products, to get well rounded results. With topicals, don’t worry about absorption, instead use topicals for hyper specific problem areas, ensuring it targets the ailment.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

If you’re taking medication that comes with a warning not to take grapefruit, take extra caution when using CBD. When starting any new regime including CBD, we always suggest running it by your doctor.

Can You Microdose CBD?

Yes! Microdosing has become a popular way to use CBD oil due to the benefits of a consistent dosing of CBD. Just like with a normal dosing schedule, everyone is different so it might take trial and error to find what’s best. To microdose effectively you will need to maintain a steady schedule and also find the right dosage. This will include taking into account your body weight and severity of issue. Since microdosing can be complicated to get right, we are creating a guide so you can see if microdosing is effective for you.