In Celebration of Strong Women

In Celebration of Strong Women

Happy International Women's Day ! We are so proud to collaborate with so many strong, smart women. Today we’re putting the spotlight on three incredible women we’re honored to have worked with in the past year, all equally talented businesswomen in their various industries.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting collaborations with amazing women to come this year!

A Primer on International Women’s Day and Month

International Women’s Day, or IWD for short, has been around a lot longer than most people realize: since the early 1900s! At the time, the industrialized world was bursting at the seams, struggling against an expanding population, changing technology, and widespread social turbulence. Women began to come together, joining forces and sharing in each other’s struggles. As a united group, women begin to fight for equality, knowing full well they were owed the same rights and consideration as men.

Women have come so far in the century that has passed, yet the struggle is far from over. Today, International Women's Day is celebrated, as its name suggests, on March 8th all over the world, honoring and highlighting vital social, cultural, and political achievements, contributions, and advancements of women.

In 1995, IWD was expanded to officially encompass all of March as Women’s History Month . That being said, we strongly believe in celebrating women's achievements and raising awareness about equality all year long.

Here’s to girls – they absolutely do rule the world!

Alyssa Lynch

Our recent collaboration with blogger and influencer Alyssa Lynch is a perfect example of how important it is for us at Highline to create things that address real concerns shared by us all. Alyssa's openness about her struggles with dark circles, puffiness, and overall face fatigue helped her realize that her community shared these concerns, and they all had one thing in common: stress!

“I thought that maybe the solution could be found in my nighttime ritual, which includes taking Highline Wellness Nighttime Gummies . I figured if they are such an integral part of my night routine, I wanted them to be part of my morning routine,” Alyssa said.

With that in mind, it was total harmony for us to work together to create CBD Facial Mist and CBD Under Eye Balm , pairing the soothing power of CBD with all-natural skincare ingredients and a perfectly dreamy palette.

Hannah Bronfman

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have collaborated with author, activist, DJ, health and wellness expert, and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman on her first-ever self-care product: our CBD Bath Bomb , inspired by Hannah’s love of baths and the heightened significance they had taken in her life at the time.

As the pandemic sent us all indoors and anxiety across the nation spiked, it was only natural for many to find refuge in the tub, a popular self-care sanctuary (hello, water signs). The soothing effects of a bath combined with the slight but potent escape found in those moments became so much more important to Hannah.

Hannah is an early adopter when it comes to the CBD space, too. She was introduced to the medicinal possibilities of CBD earlier than most thanks to a family member working in the medical industry. It comes as no surprise that she’s a big proponent of ditching the social stigma against cannabis and cannabis-related compounds like CBD. We were so excited to channel her energy and creativity into a self-care CBD innovation with a personal twist!

Danielle Bernstein

We had to collaborate with designer Danielle Bernstein, founder of the massively popular style blog and fashion diary WeWoreWhat . The resulting CBD Roller was a natural fit, inspired by Danielle’s love of essential oil rollers as well as a recent addition to her routine: a dropful of CBD oil in her morning coffee every day.

With the CBD Roller, we were able to combine the natural power of essential oils – Danielle’s favorites: lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon extracts – with the calming properties of CBD for the ultimate in soothing sensations.

Danielle herself writes that CBD oil has been a game-changer for her, fully noticing the effects of being less anxious as well as sleeping better. Our eventual partnership couldn’t have been more organic. To learn more about CBD oil’s potential, check out Danielle and Highline co-founder Chris Roth on the WeHeardWhat""> podcast as they discuss the facts and myths of CBD.

A huge thank you and shoutout to our many wonderful brand ambassadors as well, including Melissa Wood Health , Megan Roup , Lauren Garcia , and Serena Wolf . We look forward to all the future collaborations and partnerships with some of the most brilliant women in these fields.

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