New Beginnings: How CBD Can Help You Live Intentionally

New Beginnings: How CBD Can Help You Live Intentionally

It’s the dawn of our third year together at Highline Wellness and we have new beginnings on the mind. New Year’s resolutions are popular for a reason. The calendar reset is a bit like a mental rebirth, wiping the slate clean with a fresh start, the perfect opportunity to set your intentions for the year to come. With its many benefits, CBD can be a great help to setting your intentions, achieving your goals, and living an authentic life.

Another way to think of it is as conscious CBD. Engaging in conscious CBD use is all about getting the most out of life, transforming new beginnings into intentional change and growth. Are you looking to clear your mind so you can focus? Calm yourself after a long stressful day? Promote out-of-the-box creativity while working on your next project? Through aligning intention with consumption, conscious CBD use can boost the probability that CBD will provide the benefits you’re craving.

Here are three ways to think about how CBD can help you live a more intentional life, whether you’re embarking on new beginnings or renewing current commitments.

1. Nutrition for body and soul.

A balanced diet is key to a balanced life. How does CBD fit into this picture? It’s all about the endocannabinoid system, which contains the human body’s natural cannabinoid receptors, known as CB1 and CB2. The endocannabinoid system is connected to everything from the immune system to the nervous system. Growing research shows that it is also connected to gut health.

Cannabinoids like CBD bind to the receptors to produce the many beneficial effects we all know and love.

The CB1 receptor in particular is said to be connected to appetite and feelings of hunger; CBD may help quell those cravings, preventing you from binge eating. Furthermore, CBD may even be able to boost metabolism through stimulating the CB2 receptor, making your nutritionally balanced meals even more effective.

To set your health-based intention, try our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, which combine the boost to your digestive health from apple cider vinegar with the calming and cleansing benefits of CBD. The CBD Immunity Gummies are another option, with Vitamin C to fight illness wand zinc to support your immune system and metabolism. For a sugar-free alternative you can drop into your morning coffee or smoothie, try our new CBD Immunity Oil.

2. Focus for mind and heart.

It’s impossible to focus on new beginnings, current projects, or future works if your mind isn’t clear. Add stress to the picture and it can seem paralyzing to even take a step forward. Luckily, CBD can help, whether you need to stay alert or chill out.

An enhanced sense of awareness is so important to living an intentional life.

One CBD study found that the cannabinoid may actually aid the human brain to process emotions more clearly, thus promoting a more calm, centered state of mind. Our CBD Anytime Gummies are perfect for setting a clear-headed intention, whether you need some extra support every day or once in a while, from prepping for an important meeting at work to figuring out how to look cute while wearing a mask for a COVID-friendly first date. If a heightened sense of clarity is what you’re after, our CBD Day Gummies (available in sugar-free, drop form in our new CBD Day Oil) include Vitamin B12, which works alongside the CBD to help you feel focused and energized without the caffeine jitters.

3. Movement for body and spirit.

Exercise and movement are valuable components of an intentional, balanced life. The form of exercise is different for everyone; some people are runners, others love the potential camaraderie of Peloton, others still find comfort in yoga or horseback riding. Maybe your thing is a long walk every morning or a long swim every evening. Then there’s meditation and breathwork, key forms of intentional movement that can benefit the body and spirit.

CBD can help at all stages

From our caffeinated Energy Gummies to improve reaction time and motor coordination at the start of your session to CBD Fitness Cream after a long day spent kickboxing or weightlifting, with the light cooling menthol effect alongside CBD to promote relief and recovery in conjunction and our night gummies for a good night's rest. If you prefer your CBD in drop form, the new CBD Energy Oil pairs CBD with green tea instead of coffee for a sugar-free, less caffeinated alternative.

Embark on new beginnings in 2021 by living intentionally with CBD, whether you need self-confidence before an important interview, alertness before diving into a new project, or just a way to chill out after a long day.

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA