New Year, New Goals: 5 Keys to Better Sleep

New Year, New Goals: 5 Keys to Better Sleep

  • It’s a new year and new goals should be on your horizon. From stressing less to finding your new favorite way to stay fit, we’ve shared our take on some classic New Year’s wellness resolutions that never go out of style. Today, we’re zeroing in on new goals to help you improve your sleep and live a more well-rounded life in 2022.

    1. Consider tracking your sleep.

    When it comes to the new year, new goals centered around analyzing your sleep are both easily actionable and can lead to some intriguing data for you. First off, sleep tracking is super simple these days thanks to apps that anyone can download, such as Sleep Cycle, Sleep Genius, and Pillow. Thanks to the information gathered by these apps, you can grow your understanding of your particular sleep needs. Your phone can gather information about levels of deep and light sleep, which you can in turn use to adapt, improve, and optimize how you sleep.

    2. Figure out your sleep chronotype and use it to your advantage.

    Everyone loves a good personality type quiz, from enneagrams to the 16 personality types identified by Myers & Briggs. But did you know that there’s a sleep-specific typology, too? They are called sleep chronotypes and in layman’s terms, they describe your level of alertness at different times in the day and offer a guideline for when to sleep based on your internal clock or circadian rhythm. 

    To learn your chronotope, keep reading as we break down the four main types. Once you know where you fall, consider how you might alter or update your schedule or routine in order to maximize your natural sleeping patterns. 


    Most people fall in this category, which refers to a sleep and wake cycle that matches up with the sun. Bear chronotypes often wake up and fall asleep with ease and are most productive before noon.


    This chronotype struggles to wake up in the morning. Their energy peaks in the afternoon. Wolf chronotypes most closely align with the classic night owl.


    Lion chronotypes are the seriously early risers. They wake up easily before dawn and are most productive in the early morning, until noon. Lion chronotypes tend to hit the hay early as well. 


    If none of the above sounds right to you, you’re most likely a dolphin chronotype. Dolphin chronotypes are sensitive to environmental factors and may struggle falling asleep if there’s too much light or noise. But they have a peak window for productivity, too: usually from 10am to 2pm. (If you work through lunch, you might be a dolphin!) 

    Just knowing your own chronotype might help you better structure and understand your sleep schedule. But you can also use the knowledge to tweak your lifestyle, such as setting your alarm for even earlier in the day if you’re a lion or finding ways to alter your environment to encourage better sleep if you’re a dolphin.

    3. Optimize napping in your life.

    We’re calling it now: naps are going to be the next big sleep trend in this new year with new goals. Between an increasingly chaotic world and the fact that more people than ever are working remotely, the concept of how to optimize a daily nap is becoming more and more appealing. 

    Well-timed and well-primed daytime naps can actually improve your overall sleep, causing you to be more alert during the day as well as more well-rested at night. Daytime naps can help you fight fatigue, give your immune system a boost, and even reduce stress. 

    Keep in mind that the ideal nap is a short one. According to Healthline, “When you nap for 10 to 20 minutes, you enter into the first and sometimes second stages of sleep. That’s just enough to refresh you and get the benefits associated with napping.” 

    4. Embrace relaxation.

    Do you consistently struggle with falling asleep? Consider embracing the art of relaxation in the new year. Some of our favorite techniques include deep breathing, gentle yoga, listening to calming music, and taking soothing baths. For even more chill vibes and a sense of calmness, combine these activities with night gummies and CBD oils. If your preferred method of relaxation is a good soak in the tub, pair it with a CBD Bath Bomb for the stress-relieving potential of CBD alongside rich essential oils, botanicals, and minerals to hydrate and nourish the skin.

    Often, underlying causes such as anxiety can be at the root of insomnia or other sleep issues. Natural sleep aids such as CBD and melatonin can be a huge help. Especially when coupled with relaxing activities, you can effectively trick your body into a more peaceful state. 

    5. Put your refreshed energy toward a new creative outlet. 

    When you’re well-rested, you have more energy to focus on all those things you never seem to have the time to try. Well, 2022 is your year to go for it! Painting, writing, candle-making – it’s time to branch out and try something new in the creative realm. Not only can this be a form of stress relief, but it can also help you be more productive during the work day by activating different parts of your brain than you normally use. For another take on this new goal for a new year, try cooking or baking. If you’re someone who normally relies on takeout, it might be fun and rewarding to explore simple recipes. If you’re practically a chef, go big or go home with more challenging attempts.

    In 2022, we’re reclaiming this new year with new goals! Every step forward is a moment on your wellness journey and we’re here to help. Stay on top of our latest blog posts for all things wellness, from How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule to How to Use CBD Oil for Stress. Interested in learning more about CBD? Check out our CBD 101 guide and then head to our product quiz to find out the ideal form of CBD for you!
Katie Salvi
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