Night Routine Ideas: 6 Ways to Chill Out

Night Routine Ideas: 6 Ways to Chill Out

Most of us have our morning routines down pat, from waking up with a sunrise alarm to brewing up a cup of coffee at 7am, or even pressing snooze three times before actually getting up (yes, that can be a routine, too). But how about night routine ideas? It’s so easy to just roll into bed at the end of the day and scroll through TikToks until you nod off into dreamland. But is that really the best move for your sleep quality? 

A good night’s rest is so imperative to your overall health and wellness, affecting everything from mental cognition, physical performance, and even weight gain. One of the most important things you can do to improve your sleep hygiene is to have a consistent evening routine in which you give yourself at least an hour to wind down before bedtime. (Our guide on how to sleep better has even more tips!) But if you need some specific ideas for how to relax during that hour, try our favorite night routine ideas to help you chill out and power down for the evening. 

1. Skip social media – and screens in general. 

It can be so tempting to scroll through feeds or even just watch some comfort TV before bed, but it’s highly likely that this is having a negative effect on your sleep. By now, most people are pretty familiar with the consequences of blue light emitted from screen, which has a negative effect on the body’s production of melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle and other sleep-related functions. In other words, blue light can be highly disruptive to our sleep. 

The good news is that all you have to do to fight these effects is simply not use your phone during the evening, particularly in the hour or two prior to bed. Try reading a book instead, or simply winding down for the evening by not doing much of anything at all. But if you must use your phone, computer, or tablet in the evening, make sure to dim the screen (most devices have some form of Night Mode that turns on dimming) or look into blue light glasses, which are designed to block out blue light. 

2. Meditate.

We’re big fans of meditation here, so it’s naturally one of our suggestions for night routine ideas. Meditation is the practice of using techniques to train your attention, achieve a mentally clear state, and promote calmness and serenity. One common technique is to focus your thoughts on a specific object. You can also check out meditation apps like Headspace and Simple Habit, which will have plenty of exercises and guided meditations to help you explore and find out which techniques are best for you. 

Meditation might seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You only need to spend a few minutes on it at a time, and guided meditations are super helpful when it seems like calming down your own mind seems impossible. The reason to adopt meditation for night routine ideas is that it can help calm your mind before sleep, which will in turn improve the quality of your sleep overall. But if meditation still isn’t right for you, consider another form of quiet activity that can help settle your mind, such as reading a comforting book or pursuing your preferred form of spirituality.

3. Take a soothing warm bath. 

One of the most common night routine ideas deserves its own shout out because it’s just that relaxing – we are, of course, talking about baths. (But if you’re not a bath person, a warm shower before bed can be just as relaxing!) The relaxing nature of a warm bath is in part thanks to the fact that it lowers your body temperature, encouraging a natural flow into sleep. Heating up the body and then letting it cool naturally is comforting, helping the body transition organically into a peaceful sleep state. Take your relaxation to the next level with a CBD Bath Bomb, packed with rich essential oils, botanicals, and minerals for maximum soothing luxury. 

4. Indulge in a skincare routine.

Another fantastic night routine idea is to indulge in a nighttime skincare routine. (Hello, beauty sleep!) The importance of skincare has only grown in popularity and value in recent years, with a plethora of products that are designed for every type of skin and to address all manner of skin needs. Not only will pampering your skin before bed lead to healthier skin overall, but for many the ritual of cleansing and applying creams is relaxing in its own right. Night creams and skin masks are two of the most common skincare items to use before bed, but you might also try CBD-infused skincare products to up the calming effects even more, such as the CBD Under Eye Balm we designed with Alyssa Lynch or our CBD Body Cream, formulated for versatile skincare health.

5. Write in a journal or make a to-do list. 

The act of writing here is key, whether you’re journaling about your day or writing out a list of the next day’s tasks. Reflecting on the day’s events, your own thoughts, and even sharing what you’re grateful for in a journal can be a really helpful way to essentially wrap up the day. 

When you don’t feel like anything is left hanging, it’s easier to calm your mind and put yourself in a better position to rest easy, no racing thoughts or worries. In fact, some say that journaling not only improves sleep, but can also help reduce stress and generally improve your overall mood and well-being. 

If journaling isn’t quite your thing, wrap up your day by looking ahead to tomorrow. By physically writing down a list of the next day’s tasks, you can ease into sleep with a clear frame of mind, unconcerned about what tomorrow will bring – you’ve already planned it out. 


6. Try CBD night oils or gummies! 

Here’s a night routine idea you can try alongside meditation, writing, or any other form of evening relaxation: CBD as a sleep aid. Research on the effects of CBD on sleep is still preliminary, but its ability to target root causes of poor sleep, such as anxiety, are showing promising results, such as one study which found that about 80% of participants reported decreased anxiety within the first month of CBD use, alongside 67% of participants whose sleep improved, too. Another sleep study, this one conducted by Dr. Olivia Audrey, a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, found that 93% of participants experienced greater quality of sleep after consistent use of CBD night gummies

All of which is to say, if you’re looking for an all-natural way to promote improved sleep, you might want to consider CBD gummies or CBD oils. If you need some help figuring out which CBD sleep product is right for you, we have that covered too. For even more potential night routine ideas, check out our list of the best sleep aid products to help you feel more rested – you might just find a new addition to your evening routine! 

From finding the best night routine ideas to learning everything there is to know about how CBD can potentially help your sleep schedule, we’re obsessed with sleep and helping you improve yours. Learn even more about all things sleep, wellness, and CBD by reading our blog, educate yourself on CBD specifically with our CBD 101 guide, and if you need some more help figuring out which product is the right fit for you, take our CBD product quiz!

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