Nearly 45% of Moms Want to Drink Less Wine Due to Wellness Goals

Nearly 45% of Moms Want to Drink Less Wine Due to Wellness Goals

As a parent, juggling a social life, relationships, job, and your kid’s soccer practice can make life seem a bit chaotic at times. From women in their early careers to stay-at-home moms, everyone needs something to shake off the busy day jitters and relax. Although wine is a common turn-to, does it have to be? We surveyed American moms to find out, and the data is telling. 

What we found:

  • Almost 80% of moms drink wine to relax, and 55% of them report drinking as me-time.
  • The reason so many moms drink wine is due to stress and being overwhelmed– with the top stressors being managing household finances and keeping the house clean.
  • Moms living in rural areas reported feeling more stressed out than moms living closer to a city.
  • Moms living closer to cities are more likely than rural moms to want to reduce or eliminate the amount they drink and search for alternatives to wine. 
  • A desire to lose weight was the top reason women wanted to drink less wine.
  • Of the total number of respondents, only 8.6% said that drinking wine was a habit.

Read on to discover what triggers stress for moms, how wine is used to navigate that stress, and why moms have become more open to healthier wine alternatives.

Why Are Moms So Stressed?

There is no real answer to this question because mom-life is ever-changing. Nearly 9 in 10 moms are stressed and overwhelmed at least once per week, with 62% saying they are stressed every day.


The #1 cause of stress for American moms is managing finances (63%). This comes as no surprise. 

Moms are planners. From taking kids to school, having a social life, having a work balance, and making it all run smoothly- they’re magicians. Finances are something that everyone thinks about, and moms micromanage. Everything in life costs money, and as the family unit that makes the world spin, moms tackle the finances too.

However, some stressors decline in pressure over the years, such as sex life. Our study shows that the younger the child, the more mothers feel stress about their sex lives - with 33% of mothers of infants reporting stress around sex. As children grow into teens and take off for high school, the statistic drops to only 21%; a small victory for moms! 

One peculiar variant in stressors is location-dependent. Moms living closer to cities are more likely than rural moms to want to reduce or eliminate the amount they drink; they are also more likely to be looking for alternatives to wine. Rural moms reported feeling more stressed out than city moms as well. Still, every mom that we surveyed could agree on a host of issues, including - keeping the house clean (62%), asking for time for self-care (57%), and raising children (56%) being amongst stress triggers.

What Health Goals Do Moms Have?

The top health goals for mothers include: reducing anxiety (74%), improving mood (69%), and losing weight (61%). Calories consumed from drinking wine are considered what nutritionists call “empty calories” as they do not provide any sort of vitamin or mineral content.


Furthermore, drinking too much vino can cause you to intake more calories than you burn, contributing to weight gain. For example, a single glass of white wine can come in at 124 calories, and who stops there? 


Instead of pouring a glass of vino to destress, let’s take a look at a healthier, holistic alternative, CBD. 

What is CBD?

Much of the common misconceptions about CBD come from the fact that people just do not know much about it. Isn’t it illegal? Doesn’t it get you high? Negative on both counts.

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of the Cannabis plant, also known as marijuana. Our study discovered that 27% of moms say they don’t know enough about CBD to try it. Some moms (23%) have confusion about brands of CBD, others (22%) wonder if it would help their stress, and around 18% of moms fear they don’t know how to use it correctly. 

When the product first hit market shelves, many people confused it with THC, the psychoactive part of the flower that makes people “high.” Contrary to popular belief, products with CBD are not illegal to own, and you’re able to find them at a reasonable price at most holistic health shops. 

For those in positions with drug testing regulations, you’re also good to go! As long as the product has COA lab tests showing it is below the legal limits for THC (the psychoactive element), it is unlikely for it to show up on a drug test. Companies are even starting to roll out more CBD products for consumers exploring ways to reduce anxiety and stress. Nowadays, moms can choose from oils, lotions, gummies, capsules, and creams to combat stressors. The possibilities are truly endless! 


A Glass of Wine vs. A Drop of CBD

Pour up the red wine, it’s me time! Right? Well, search results don’t lie, moms are on the hunt for a healthier alternative to their common nightly glass of wine. What can CBD provide that wine just misses the mark on?

Our research found that 55% of moms report drinking alcohol as their form of self-care and relaxation, but with some other self-love goals in mind, wine might not be the answer they’re looking for. 

As a matter of fact, 4 in 10 moms state they would like to ease up on their drinking intake to lose weight and boost energy levels. 71% of mothers who use CBD say they use it to relax. Authors from one study say it may be helpful for reducing soreness and inflammation in the body; another cites how it may help ease some gut-related issues. 

In contrast, a recommended CBD dose is between 2-3 drops of oil under the tongue, one to three times a day, depending on the person and their wellness goals. With a drop of CBD weighing in at only 9 calories, these numbers pale in comparison to the 100+ calories in a single glass of wine. Mothers who already use CBD do so to lose weight, improve sleep, and improve health. In a 2016 study, researchers carefully monitored CBD and its effects on immature fat cells (preadipocytes). They discovered how CBD plays a role in the breakdown of fat and how it can boost the activity of mitochondria, increasing the body’s power to burn calories. So, not only is CBD nearly void of calories, but consuming it can also help many mothers burn fat. 

Many companies market CBD as a way to reduce anxiety and stress, and while it may raise some skeptics’ eyebrows, modern science shows data backing up those claims. It looks like a win-win for CBD! What do you think?

CBD On The Forefront

As CBD continues to become mainstream, more people are seeing CBD as a healthier replacement to a glass of wine, and for good reason. Not only is it easier on the body and mind, but it’s also easier on the pockets. Wine heavily impairs people’s ability to make sound judgments and be available in terms of emergencies, something that is essential for parents. It can be a counterproductive force to popular goals and even cause some of the anxieties moms are wanting to eliminate. Overall, CBD acts as a calming agent to de-stress, relax, and catch up on that good sleep all many busy American moms are missing. 


Highline Wellness surveyed 771 moms in the United States who drink wine at least once per month. Survey respondents have at least one child age 18 or under living in their household. The results in this report are from an online survey fielded via a panel in January 2022. 

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