Wellness Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

Wellness Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

If you’re ready to never think about 2021 (or 2020) ever again, we hear you. The dawn of a new year is time to reset, refresh, and even reimagine. As we’re reflecting (or not) on the past year, it’s the perfect time to consider inflecting your annual resolutions for a healthy new year with not only wellness but grace.

Whether you’re on the hunt for ideas to kick off new wellness habits or enhance your current routine, we have some suggestions for your New Year’s resolutions. Set yourself up for success and a healthy new year!

1. Stress less.

Ah yes, the healthy New Year’s resolution that sounds extremely simple but in practice is probably the most difficult. But we had to mention it first because being less stressed is also the factor most likely to help you achieve not only your resolutions, but all the goals you set for yourself in the coming year! 

One of our favorite ways to relieve stress is exercise – more on that one below! A pleasant way to relieve stress without even realizing you’re doing it is to use essential oils or burn candles with calming scents – lavender, rose, and frankincense for the win. (If you want to know more about why scents are effective in this way, read up on terpenes.) 

For a creative way to relieve stress, try releasing or containing your worries by writing them down; journaling can truly work wonders. A practical way to relieve stress – or even prevent it in the first place – is to do your best to avoid procrastination. (We know, easier said than done.) 

CBD is another way to potentially manage stress, as well – learn more about the latest research on CBD and stress and how CBD oil may be able to help. 

2. Find your exercise. 

Here’s the thing about exercise-themed New Year’s resolutions: they’re never going to stick unless you find a form that works for you. Some folks love HIIT and classic cardio, gym rats all the way. Other people are all in for yoga, able to nimbly maneuver between Crow Pose to Scorpion Pose without batting an eye. 

If you have not yet found the physical activity that makes you actually want to put on those athletic leggings you overspent on, consider focusing on fitness exploration for a healthy new year. Try something that seems challenging but fun – rock climbing, for example – or something you might not naturally think of as exercise, such as dancing or archery.

It’s all about the stress factor, too: exercise is one of the most effective ways to combat mental stress. The key is do it regularly, whatever it might be. Exercise reduces stress hormones like cortisol, a huge benefit in the long run, as well as releasing endorphins, which boost mood and even act as natural painkillers.

Speaking of painkillers, effective workout recovery is an important component of physical exercise as well. Incorporate a product like CBD Fitness Cream into your post-workout massage, as these types of creams are designed specifically for muscle relief and recovery. 

3. Improve your sleep.

Better sleep is surely one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, no matter the year. Some people struggle with persistent insomnia, while others may just toss and turn every now and then. No matter the degree of sleep issue, there are some steps you can take to improve your sleep. Focus on fixing your sleep schedule by reigning in your nightly routine and controlling the environment. Consider calming meditation or a cozy bath before bedtime. 

Don’t forget all-natural sleep aids, such as melatonin and CBD. You likely know melatonin as the naturally occurring hormone that regulates the sleep cycle, while studies have found that CBD can potentially improve sleep as well. Try our CBD Night Gummies or CBD Night Oil, which both combine CBD with melatonin to make the most of this sleep-enhancing combo. With better sleep, a healthy new year is sure to be on the horizon.

4. Work less, socialize more. 

Work is an important part of life, but all too common it can become all-consuming, especially if you work from home. The separation is simply not there. Make the effort to step away for short breaks, ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Do a little yoga, light some incense, read a few pages of that book you’ve been slowly making your way through. 

But the second half of the equation here is just as vital to your wellness: more socialization. With the pandemic still a part of everyday life, it’s more important than ever to spend time safely with friends and family. You might have Zoom burnout, but why not have a classic phone call with a good friend instead? Go for a walk around the neighborhood and get double duty out of the experience: catching up while getting some steps in! 

In addition to providing much-needed balance to your life, we’re pretty sure that you’ll find yourself naturally less stressed, too. Killing two healthy New Year’s resolutions with one stone! 

Are you ready for a healthy New Year? Let us help you reach your goals with our suggestions for the most ideal wellness resolutions to bring balance and clarity to life. Curious about checking out some Highline Human-approved helpers as well? Our Product Finder Quiz can help you figure out the right CBD product for you!

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA