Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

One of the questions we get most often here at Highline Wellness is where our CBD comes from. Starting with a high-quality plant is crucial to creating a pure CBD end product, and we believe in being totally transparent about where our CBD oil comes from!

We’ll start out by generally describing the CBD extraction process, and then get into where Highline Wellness gets our CBD!

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

In short CBD oil is derived from the hemp or marijuana plant. Most commonly, it comes from the hemp flower, which contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

The production of CBD is actually relatively simple to break down. In short, the hemp flower is collected, then the CBD is extracted. Lastly, it’s added to various products like gummies or infused into a carrier like coconut oil, at which point it’s ready to be ingested or applied by you!

Collecting Hemp

The base of any CBD product is the plant it’s collected from. There’s two options when it comes to harvesting a plant for CBD—hemp or marijuana. Both plants are from the same genus but are different species, meaning they’re closely related with a few differences!

Traditionally, CBD is derived from the flower of the hemp plant, because hemp contains far less THC than marijuana. (THC is the component that gives you that “high” feeling.) A cannabis plant is classified as hemp when it has a THC content of .03% or lower, making it a great candidate for creating CBD products. Higher THC content changes the classification to a marijuana plant which cannot be freely grown in the U.S.

In 2018 with the passage of the Farm Bill, hemp became legal to grow as a crop in the United States. This means that many CBD products come from American grown hemp which are especially popular crops in Montana and Colorado. Hemp farmers will cultivate the flower of the hemp because, like marijuana, the flower (or bud) contains the most CBD in the plant. Once it is cultivated, it’s sent to an extraction facility for processing.

Extracting or Infusing CBD

Once the hemp matter is collected, it needs to go through the extraction process. Extraction facilities have special equipment for extracting the CBD from the rest of the plant matter. The extraction methods used usually fall under hydrocarbon extraction like CO2 or ethanol extraction. Both use a solvent to isolate the CBD from the rest of biomass. When using a solvent, such as ethanol, the process of extracting the CBD includes washing the plant with the solvent, which absorbs the CBD from the plant and can then be refined and distilled to remove the solvent, leaving behind only the CBD.

Ingested by You

Once the process is complete, the CBD oil is ready to be ingested by you! Some CBD brands own the equipment to do the extraction, while others use an already established facility and buy CBD extract directly from them. Once the CBD brand has extracted CBD, they can turn it into your favorite products like gummies or oil.

Where does Highline Wellness Get Their CBD?

We source the highest hemp quality ingredients that undergo rigorous testing before being utilized in our products. The hemp is single-sourced with absolutely zero pesticides, chemicals, or metals. We take great pride in making sure our hemp plants meet the highest quality standards so you get the purest CBD.

From there, the hemp travels to our extraction laboratory in Florida, where we use an all-natural ethanol extraction process to remove trace amounts of THC and then turn it into the final CBD product! Our extraction facility is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified, which means they are committed to following all regulations of the FDA and are in compliance with FDA manufacturing standards. After our hemp has gone through extraction, it’s ready to be sent to our customers. We distribute our products from our warehouse in Pennsylvania, where they’re shipped across the entire United States!

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA