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Will CBD Gummies Help With Pain Relief?

Ah, pain – a problem that affects far too many of us. That constant ache in your back. That relentless throbbing in between your temples. That nagging tension in your joints and muscles. It’s enough to drive you crazy. And if you think you’re alone, think again. According to research, as many as 40% of us are struggling with chronic pain right now.

And that’s not even the worst part. You see, pain is more than just a physical burden, it messes with our heads, too. Did you know that pain can be both a cause and a result of poor sleep? Below we break down everything you need to know about how will CBD gummies help with pain.

Pain Symptoms & How to Better Manage Your Pain

That’s right when you’re sleep-deprived, your body’s pain threshold drops. This may explain why you start to feel aches and pains that you never experienced before. What’s more, scientists have also found that stress can greatly enhance your perception of pain. 

You see, when it comes to pain, stress is like a personal assistant, making sure your aches and pains are front and center of your mind all day, every day. 

It’s like when you’re stuck in traffic and you suddenly realize, “Oh yea, I have a headache.” Or when you’re at work and you think to yourself, “Wow, my back is really acting up today.” All thanks to the little added bonus of stress. 

And that’s not all. There’s a whole host of reasons why you might be struggling with persistent pain. And it may not be just one thing, it can be a combination of old injuries, biology, and all the stress life throws your way. So what can you do about it? 

Well, it turns out that meditation and exercise can help clear your mind and strengthen your body. And that’s all fine and dandy in theory, but when you’re in a world of hurt, getting out of bed can feel like climbing Mount Everest. 

Thankfully, however, scientists have also found that eating a healthy diet can help manage your pain. Who knew that fruits, veggies, and even apple cider vinegar could be the key to unlocking a life with less pain? 

What About Eating CBD Gummies? 

Well, if you look at the hundreds of positive reviews surrounding our CBD Gummies, you’ll find that dozens of people have experienced tremendous relief and much-needed comfort. 

That’s because here at Highline Wellness, we craft our CBD Gummies with high-quality ingredients. Using the best hemp farming practices and extraction methods in the industry, our CBD Gummies recipe is held to the highest third-party lab testing standards and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, here’s the thing, CBD gummies are all rage these days, and for good reason. Their main active ingredient is Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a therapeutic cannabinoid found within the hemp plant. 

And given all the information involving CBD, including pre-clinical, clinical, and anecdotal evidence, it’s no wonder folks are seeking out gentler solutions and less invasive alternatives, like CBD for pain relief and sleep. Especially with the opioid crisis in full swing. 

Why Are so Many People Turning to CBD for Pain Management? 

There are several reasons people are turning to CBD for pain management. For starters, based on mounds of scientific research and anecdotal evidence, many people have reported pain-free experiences using CBD. And given that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, it is believed that it has a unique mechanism within the human body. 

You see, many studies suggest CBD may offer tremendous pain-relieving effects, especially when it comes to inflammation. This amazing plant-derived molecule has been used for many years for its medicinal benefits, specifically for its antioxidant properties. 

What’s more, CBD doesn’t offer addictive properties or horrible side effects associated with prescription pain medications. Very few side effects have been reported from consuming CBD, and even then those side effects are rare and easily remedied. 

But perhaps the most appealing reason people are turning to CBD, more specifically CBD Gummies, is that they offer more than just CBD. High-quality CBD Gummies are crafted using nutrient-dense ingredients that offer additional benefits. These added nutritious ingredients include: 

  • Melatonin
  • B12
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Caffeine 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Zinc 
  • Milk Thistle 
  • Beet 
  • Dandelion Root 
  • Turmeric
  • Potassium 
  • Ginger 
  • Vitamin E 

That said, CBD is of course the secret ingredient in CBD hemp gummies. And they’re quickly becoming the best gummies for pain relief on the market. This is all due to how CBD works in the human body. 

How Does CBD Work?

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First things first, Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is not the same thing as THC. So, despite the rumors you may have heard, CBD is not going to get you high. That is, of course, if you buy high-quality CBD products from a reputable hemp brand. But we’ll dive more into that topic in just a little bit. Right now, we’re getting into the weeds of how CBD works. 

Quick note: There’s a lot of debate about the specifics of how CBD works. Scientists and medical experts are still conducting studies on that exact subject as we speak. 

But given what scientists have already uncovered about CBD, most, if not all research experts agree that CBD helps keep our bodies in balance. And it’s all thanks to how CBD works within our own internal system, called the Endocannabinoid System. We’ll call it “ECS” for short. 

Endocannabinoid System & Pain 

If you don’t know what the ECS is, don’t worry. This amazing system was discovered in the late 1980s. So, it’s not likely mentioned in older biology books unless they’ve been recently updated. 

That said, since the discovery of the ECS, scientists have been renewing their research on drug development. And in doing so, they have become more compelled to research CBD as a painkiller. Especially since several cannabinoids, like CBD, have been shown to help with things like pain, sleep, anxiety, and more.

In a nutshell, our ECS helps regulate and control many of our most important bodily functions, including: 

  • Memories 
  • Emotions 
  • Sleep issues
  • Our body’s temperature control.
  • Inflammation response 
  • Immunity 
  • Appetite 
  • Response, control, and perception of pain.

In other words, your ECS is like an orchestra conductor, keeping all the important functions of your internal body in perfect harmony. Now, one of the ways your ECS maintains perfect harmony is by communicating with the receptor cells found throughout your body. 

There are two main receptor cell categories that scientists have thoroughly studied

  1. The first is called CB1 receptors, and they are found primarily in your central nervous system. 
  2. The second is called CB2 receptors, and they can be found mostly in your immune system and peripheral nervous system. 

In addition to these receptor cells, your ECS is also made up of endogenous cannabinoids, better known as endocannabinoids. And as of right now, there are only two endocannabinoids that scientists have really explored:

  • 2-Arachidonoyl Glycerol (2-AG)
  • Arachidonoyl Ethanolamide (Anandamide) 

Now, it’s believed that these endocannabinoids help keep your body in balance. Anandamide is known as the “bliss molecule”, which helps keep your body and mind feeling good, upbeat, and even calm. 

And that’s not all. According to some experts, when we feel pain, our ECS will release endocannabinoids to help provide some natural pain relief. But there’s just one issue… 

Your Persistent Pain may be a Result of an Endocannabinoid Deficiency

Recently, scientists have uncovered a groundbreaking discovery, Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). 

According to research, CED is thought to be one underlying issue of certain disorders and diseases. Now before you go off running to your doctor with this new self-diagnosis, it’s important to know that scientists are still exploring how exactly CED may contribute to unwanted health issues. 

That said, here’s what we know so far… Scientists have found that CED is associated with the following conditions: 

  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Lower pain threshold 

Scientists also noted that CED may be associated with inflammation and neurologic conditions. They even mention that CED may contribute to unregulated digestion, mood changes, and problems with sleep. 

Now, more studies are needed to confirm these results, but based on what they know so far, the research is mind-blowing. To help address CED, scientists have been researching drugs that act as a CB1 agonist. And wouldn’t you know it, some studies suggest CBD is just that, a CB1 agonist. 

Your Endocannabinoid System & CBD 

Have you ever wondered why CBD Gummies don't get you high, but THC edibles do? Well, it all lies within how these two cannabinoids interact with your ECS. 

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have a strong bond with your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Instead, it's more of an influencer, only interacting with your receptors under certain situations. Don’t worry, this will all make sense in just a second, especially when referring to pain. 

You see, high concentrations of CBD can activate the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor, which is like the control center for anxiety, sleep, and pain. This may explain why so many people feel less anxious or pain-free after consuming higher doses of CBD. 

Scientists have also noted that CBD can interact with our ion channels, like our TRPV1 receptor. This receptor is in charge of pain perception, inflammation, and body temperature. So when high-quality CBD binds to it, some people have experienced pain relief and less discomfort. 

Additionally, based on other studies, researchers think that CBD can potentially change the way other molecules in our body work, serving as a “negative allosteric modulator”.

A negative allosteric modulator, like CBD, can sort of fine-tune the disruptive activity of a receptor to produce a more desired effect. For example, it’s thought that the GP555 receptor plays a role in our pain perception, mood regulation, and anxiety. 

This brings us to this study, scientists found that CBD acted as a negative allosteric modulator with the GP555 receptor. Now, based on this study, it appears that CBD was effective at blocking the GP555 receptor thus reducing pain, anxiety, and improving mood. 

Researchers also note that CBD may affect the way neurotransmitters (the chemicals in the body that help transmit signals from one nerve cell to another) work, specifically with the serotonin and opioid systems. 

Overall, based on these studies and how complex CBD is, researchers are pushing for more studies to explore how Cannabidiol works in the human body. The more they uncover, the hemp industry can develop the proper guidelines for CBD dosing. 

Now, with all that said, there is remarkable evidence that suggests CBD offers pain-relieving benefits.

The Most Recent Research on CBD for Pain

Here’s what’s interesting about the benefits of CBD… According to a recent PubMed, the number of studies on the effects of CBD has more than doubled since 2016. From treating epilepsy in young children to addressing chronic pain and even anxiety disorders, it seems the list of CBD’s potential benefits keeps growing. 

In fact, in a recent survey of 253 people, 151 participants tried CBD. And here’s what’s really mind-blowing, a whopping 29.1% of those 151 participants said that CBD helped “a lot” with their conditions and almost 20% said it helped “completely”. The conditions they reported that CBD helped with were back pain, nerve pain, and neck pain. 

Additionally, when it came to what kind of CBD products these participants used, CBD edibles, oral tinctures, and inhalable products were the clear favorites. 

And get this… A study published by Capano et al. found that taking CBD for 8 weeks helped significantly reduce the need for opioids and relieve chronic pain. 

In fact, researchers from that study stated: 

“CBD could significantly reduce opioid use and improve chronic pain and sleep quality among patients who are currently using opioids for pain management.”

All in all, CBD is more than just a trend. People are finding real relief from their anxiety and pain thanks to CBD. But let’s look at the specifics of CBD’s benefits.

CBD for Shoulder Tendonitis

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Your neck and shoulders are the workhorses of your body, constantly doing everything from holding up your noggin to stabilizing your upper spine and allowing you to reach and move your upper body freely. 

With all those muscles, joints, ligaments, and tenons in the mix, it’s no surprise that they’re susceptible to daily wear and tear. Think about it, from hunching over a computer all day to enduring a sports injury, there are plenty of ways you can experience shoulder pain. 

For example, shoulder tendonitis, which usually presents a sharp pain in the tendons, is one of the most painful conditions that athletes and fitness professionals face. 

This particular condition is when the rotator cuff or biceps tendon becomes incredibly inflamed. And the issue with inflammation is that it can cause a whole lot of pain. So much in fact, that moving your shoulder in any way is almost impossible. 

But tendonitis doesn’t just occur in the shoulder, it can rear its ugly head anywhere that a tendon connects your bone to your muscle.

The Most Common Types of Tendonitis

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Calcific Tendonitis 
  • Biceps Tendonitis 
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis 
  • Jumper’s Knee

Main Symptoms of These Different Types of Tendonitis

  • Inflammation 
  • Swelling 
  • Pain 
  • Tenderness 
  • Inability to move

Typically, a few over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory drugs, along with a little extra rest can usually do the trick at promoting recovery and healing. But in cases where the pain is persistent even after consulting with a specialist, you might need something less invasive and a little more effective. 

You see, the issue with OTC drugs is that they often come with their own sets of risks, like kidney issues, gastrointestinal problems, and other unwanted side effects. What’s more, using OTC drugs long-term may even lead to weakened tendons in your body. 

This is where CBD, specifically CBD Gummies, comes into play. As it turns out, most, if not all the studies involving CBD mention its anti-inflammatory properties. Now, we have to be careful, to not make any claims, but according to a 2011 study, researchers found that CBD reduced pain and inflammation in rat models with inflamed joints. 

Another study revealed that CBD’s ability to indirectly bind with center receptors in the body helped reduce both pain and inflammation. This is great news for those who suffer from shoulder tendonitis, or any type of inflammatory tendonitis for that matter. 

There’s even a study that states the following: 

“CBD may be a safe therapeutic to treat Osteoarthritis (OA) pain locally as well as block the acute inflammatory flares that drive disease progression and joint neuropathy.”

What’s more, in a 2012 study, CBD was able to reduce neuropathic pain by blocking A3 glycine receptors. Now, it’s theorized that by blocking the A3 glycine receptors, inflammation, pain, and cognitive function can be improved. But more studies are needed to confirm these results. 

With all that said, and now that the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from its list of banned substances, athletes and sports enthusiasts are ditching conventional drugs and turning to an all-natural option: CBD as a painkiller. 

But it’s not just any kind of CBD that they’re turning to, it’s high-quality CBD Gummies. This is because they’re conveniently discreet and packed with additional therapeutic ingredients. 

CBD for Gout Pain

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Gout is a common and highly complicated form of arthritis. It’s when too much uric acid occurs in the bloodstream, and according to the Mayo Clinic, it can affect anyone. 

Gout is known for causing sudden and severe attacks of pain, redness, tenderness, and lots of swelling in one or several joints. The most common place gout starts is in the big toe. And the pain usually occurs in the middle of the night. Many people say it feels like their big toe is on fire. Ouch!

Signs & Symptoms of a Gout Attack

  • Overwhelming joint pain – Typically starts in the big toe but it can attack any joint, like the ankles, elbows, knees, fingers, and wrists. A gout flare-up in these joints can last for several hours.
  • Prolonged discomfort – Even after the intense pain from gout subsides, your joints may still feel achy for a few days or even weeks. 
  • Restricted range of motion – The progression of gout can greatly restrict your normal movements and gestures. 

Inflammation is also a huge symptom of gout, causing swelling, tenderness, and redness in the affected joint. Gout is a relentless type of arthritis pain, and those who suffer from it are greatly affected both physically and mentally. 

Thankfully, gout has treatments! 

There are several anti-inflammatory drugs that gout sufferers use, like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. But be warned, these medications often contribute to an array of unwanted side effects. But there’s another way people have been addressing their gout –– CBD. 

You see, a 2017 animal study found that CBD helped reduce inflammation and pain in male rats with Osteoarthritis. What’s more, in this same study, the additional nerve damage was prevented by the properties of CBD. 

And that’s not all… Given that our Endocannabinoid System plays such a huge role in regulating our pain and inflammation, researchers are discovering that CBD’s unique mechanism with our endogenous cannabinoids and receptors may help address the pain and inflammation associated with gout. 

But more research is needed, especially since no clinical studies are exploring the effects of CBD for gout. 

However, in a 2021 survey of CBD use among people with fibromyalgia, 60% of the participants said they either use or have tried CBD. And among those participants, as much as 40% reported that CBD offered “much” or “very much” relief from their symptoms, specifically pain.  

While this survey may not offer concrete evidence regarding CBD for gout, it does provide a very strong hypothesis regarding inflammation. And that is why so many people are turning to CBD for their gout pain. Especially CBD Gummies. 

As it turns out, there are other natural gout remedies available, including: 

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Milk thistle 
  • Turmeric 
  • Ginger
  • Dandelion, and more. 

And wouldn't you know it, our CBD Gummies contain those exact ingredients. What’s more, combining these natural ingredients with CBD increases their therapeutic effects even more. 

Bottom line: Gout is a painful reality, and when a gout attack strikes, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin aren’t always effective. Instead, they may cause some unwanted side effects. 

However, many people have found that CBD works as a natural painkiller for their arthritic needs, specifically topical CBD and high-quality CBD Gummies. 

CBD for Pain Relief & Sleep

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When it comes to chronic pain and sleep problems, the two often go hand in hand, with most people often struggling to fall and stay asleep. 

And even if you do manage to get some shut-eye, you still might wake up feeling fatigued, as your quality of sleep is often very poor. So, it makes sense that many folks who suffer from chronic pain try to address their sleep issues as a part of their pain management plan. 

The link between pain and sleep is a vicious cycle. You see, the pain you feel during the day can greatly disrupt your quality of sleep at night. And believe it or not, poor sleep can make you even more sensitive to pain the next day. 

Some research suggests that sleep has more of an impact on your pain perception than the other way around. This is why you must prioritize a good night’s sleep. But achieving quality sleep isn’t as cut and dry as you think.  

Here’s the thing, to fall asleep, your nervous system needs to calm down, way down. But if you’re struggling with persistent pain, your nervous system is likely way more active than normal. This makes it harder for you to fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep that promotes recovery. 

Stages of Sleep Cycles Each Night 

  • Stages 1 and 2 are our lighter stages of sleep. 
  • Stages 3 and 4 are our deeper stages of sleep, known as slow-wave sleep.
  • And then there's Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, where we dream. 

Several times throughout the night we will cycle through these stages. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s completely normal to wake up several times throughout the night. Most of the time you may not even know you’re waking up. 

However, when you’re in pain, you might notice that it's your pain that’s waking you up. Thus increasing the activity in your nervous system and making it harder for you to fall back to sleep. 

Ways to Improve Your Sleep Which Will Help Achieve Pain Relief 

  • Develop a regular sleep routine – Get up and go to bed at the same time every day and night.
  • Sleep only when you’re actually sleepy. 
  • Do non-stimulating activities before bed. 
  • Avoid eating caffeine and fatty/sugary foods before bed. 
  • Exercise throughout the day. 
  • Avoid blue-lighting exposure before bed. 

Medications for sleep can also be helpful, but keep in mind that sleep drugs are only designed to assist. They aren’t meant to be used long-term as a standalone treatment. This is because our body can build up a tolerance to them thus making them ineffective. Not to mention, most sleep medications contribute to unwanted side effects. 

To treat pain relief for better sleep, you may need to address racing thoughts, anxiety, and mood disorders, like depression. Anxiety is often the reason most people can’t fall asleep and depression is often the reason most people wake much earlier than they want to, thus making it harder to fall back to sleep. 

But according to a 2019 study, CBD has been found to improve sleep quality, decrease sleep disturbances, and reduce sleep latency when combined with other cannabinoids, like THC. What’s more, these same results were confirmed in another 2021 study. 

And that’s not all… According to the Sleep Foundation, CBD can help calm the nervous system. This is great news, given that our nervous system needs to be calm for us to achieve better sleep. 

But what’s interesting about this study is that it revealed anxiety is often at the forefront of sleep problems. However, 80% of participants who consumed CBD to address their anxiety experienced significantly lower levels of anxiety within just one month. And of those participants, more than 65% saw an improvement in their sleep and overall health.   

Of course, more studies are needed to confirm these ground-breaking results. This is why a pilot study involving THC and CBD for insomnia was conducted in 2020. The results have yet to be published, but hopefully, they will provide more insight into how CBD helps address sleep. 

Nevertheless, the studies that we have so far are without a doubt intriguing, and worth mentioning if you’re looking for a different approach to addressing your pain and lack of sleep. 

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned a few times already, CBD is one heck of a team player. This means that when you combine CBD with other cannabinoids and therapeutic ingredients, it naturally enhances its effects.

And that’s why we combine our CBD with melatonin, to create a sleep-inducing blend that promotes restful and rejuvenating sleep. You won’t find a more restful or calming blend like that of CBD and melatonin in our all-natural hemp gummies. 

CBD for Pain Management

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Managing your pain involves a lot of trial and error. This is because it takes a lot to get to the root cause of your pain. This is because pain can be the result of many things, including injury, disease, and even mental traumas. 

And let’s not forget all the anecdotal testimonials that report CBD Gummies help manage their pain. Tons of ladies sing the praises of these little CBD candies because they find that when they consume CBD edibles they notice a change in their mood. 

As it turns out, many women suggest that CBD-infused gummies help manage their pain and keep their nerves in check during their period. Especially when they’re anxiously anticipating those dreaded cramps or other PMS symptoms. 

And the list goes on regarding people's personal experience with CBD for pain management. 

Does CBD Reduce Inflammation or Just Pain? 

Well, the answer is a bit complicated… You see, when it comes to CBD for inflammation, tons of people go crazy. This is because hemp brands are not allowed to suggest that their CBD offers pain-free results or anti-inflammatory effects. 

But if you look at all the research surrounding CBD, you’ll notice that inflammation is a common theme in most, if not all, the studies about CBD. And guess what? Those researchers aren’t shy about saying that CBD does indeed have some pretty impressive anti-inflammatory benefits. 

That’s not to say that CBD is a “cure-all” anti-inflammatory drug, but it would be ignoring the facts to say that CBD doesn’t hold some serious therapeutic power for the human body. 

Even the FDA has given CBD a nod of approval, as they greenlit Epidiolex, which is the first plant-derived, cannabinoid-based drug for children with rare forms of epilepsy. 

While inflammation is not the cause of epilepsy, inflammation has been associated with epilepsy. And here’s what’s even more mind-blowing… It was the power of anecdotal evidence that convinced the FDA to take a closer look at CBD for epilepsy.  

So while we await further scientific research on the efficacy of CBD for pain management, it's crucial to also consider the real-life experiences of those who have used CBD for pain relief and sleep. Personal testimonials can offer valuable insight into the potential benefits of CBD for inflammation and pain. 

How Much CBD for Pain? 

CBD is a very complex cannabinoid, which means the dose of CBD can greatly affect your sleep and pain relief. Research suggests that lower doses of CBD can offer a stimulating effect, while higher doses of CBD have a more sedative effect. 

It all boils down to these few factors: 

  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • If you're a male or female.
  • Your tolerance 
  • Your reason for consuming CBD Gummies.
  • How often you plan on consuming CBD Gummies. 
  • If you currently have any disorders or illnesses. 
  • If you’re currently on prescription drugs. 

And these factors also apply to determining the CBD dosage for inflammation. 

You see, everyone’s body is unique and requires different doses. So, it’s not uncommon to see some individuals consume anywhere from half of a hemp gummy to 5 gummies a day. Now we know that seems like a lot of gummies to consume, but keep in mind that it greatly depends on the potency of CBD in the hemp gummy. 

The reason body weight is such a big factor is that if you have a higher body mass, you may need a more potent CBD gummy to fully experience the effects of CBD. On the other hand, if you have a lower body mass, a lower dose of CBD may suffice. 

We recommend that you start with just one CBD gummy. Once you’ve consumed it, observe how you feel and adjust how many CBD gummies you need accordingly. 

Keep in mind that when it comes to addressing specific issues like pain, stress, sleep problems, or anxiety, you may have to do some experimentation. The guidelines for CBD dosage can vary greatly with these types of issues. 

Always start with a low dose and then gradually increase the milligrams as you see fit. Just be sure you give your body plenty of time for the CBD to take effect in your system. 

How Long Does it Take for CBD Gummies to Relieve Pain? 

On average, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes for the pain-relieving effects of CBD Gummies to kick in. 

This is because no two people are the same, and our bodies process chemicals, nutrients, and molecules at different rates. So be patient when it comes to consuming CBD Gummies for pain relief, let your body and CBD do their thing. 

With that said, there are a few factors that can impact the speed at which hemp gummies start working, such as whether you consume them on a full or empty stomach, your metabolism rate, your tolerance to CBD, and the quality of the gummies you are taking. 

For some people, consuming CBD Gummies on an empty stomach may speed up their pain-relieving effects. However, some research suggests that taking CBD edibles with a fatty meal may help speed up the process as fat helps the body absorb CBD more easily. 

Your metabolism rate also plays a role, as CBD edibles need to be broken down in your digestive system before they can be metabolized and released into your bloodstream. 

As for tolerance, if you consume CBD regularly, you may have developed a high tolerance to CBD. This means they will need a higher dose of CBD Gummies to feel their therapeutic effects. 

But perhaps the most important factor is the quality of the CBD in the hemp gummy. High-quality CBD Gummies from reputable brands will make all the difference in how effective and how quickly you’ll feel the pain-relieving effects. 

Low-quality hemp gummies from unreliable sources don’t use quality-sourced CBD or health-promoting ingredients. Instead, they often cut corners and use questionable ingredients that work against your body, rather than for it. 

What Are the Best CBD Gummies for Pain? 

The best CBD Gummies for pain are those that have been crafted using high-quality CBD, clean CBD extract methods, safe added ingredients, and all-natural compounds, like: 

  • Melatonin
  • B12
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Caffeine 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Zinc 
  • Milk Thistle 
  • Beet 
  • Dandelion Root 
  • Turmeric 
  • Potassium
  • Ginger
  • Vitamin E 

And let’s just say, very few hemp brands know that when CBD is paired with one, or several of the compounds listed above, together they achieve amazing results. 

Sure, you can spend all day looking at hemp brand after hemp brand, trying to find the best gummies for pain relief, but we’re here to tell you that your search is over. 

Find Relief With Highline Wellness CBD Gummies

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We’re just going to shoot you straight… Our CBD Gummies are the real deal. And we don’t say that lightly. We’ve taken our sweet, sweet time perfecting the recipe for each of our CBD Gummies. 

All of our CBD products, including our irresistible and highly effective CBD Gummies, are made in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified facility. Not many hemp brands do this, but we’re very adamant about our GMP-certified facility. 

By being GMP certified, our CBD products are held to incredibly high standards set by the FDA. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also huge sticklers for third-party lab testing. This means that all of our CBD products, especially our CBD Gummies are tested to ensure they are free from harmful toxins and potentially dangerous contaminants. 

You see, we’re not just the genius creators of our highly therapeutic and delicious CBD Gummies, we’re also consumers of them. We don’t just create them for you, we also create them for us, our families, and our friends. 

So, What Kind of CBD Gummies do we Have? Glad you Asked

  • For those restless nights, we’ve got our highly reviewed Night CBD Gummies. They contain the best and most restful blend of CBD and melatonin to help you relax and sleep more soundly. 
  • For those groggy mornings, we’ve got our Day CBD Gummies. These hemp gummies are packed with a blend of CBD and B12 to give you a natural energy boost so that you can be naturally alert throughout your day. 
  • For those times when life just feels relentless and overwhelming, we’ve got our Anytime CBD Gummies. These therapeutic candies are ready to ease whatever comes your way no matter what time of day it is. 

If you’re looking for something a little more unique to fine-tune your specific needs, then consider our other specially formulated CBD Gummies: 

  • Get the best of both worlds with our CBD and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – A unique therapeutic blend to help improve your gut health and promote a calm and relaxed state of mind.
  • Level up with our CBD and Caffeine Gummies – Give yourself a boost of energy without the jitters as you tackle your daily activities.
  • Protect your body with our CBD, Vitamin C, and Zinc Gummies – Support your immune system by giving it the nutrients it needs to flourish.
  • Enhance your daily routine with our CBD Detox Gummies – The first-of-its-kind formula to boost digestive health and overall well-being.
  • Relieve bloating with our Trust Your Gut Gummies – Formulated with CBD, Potassium, Ginger, B12, and Oat milk.

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Bottom line: Finding the root cause of your pain isn't always easy. A recent study found that the prevalence of pain has gone up in recent years. And yet, despite all of this, we still don't have all the answers. We don't know why some people suffer while others don't. We don't know why pain persists long after an injury has healed. And we don't know why stress seems to make everything worse.

But here's what we do know - you’re not alone in this. Pain affects millions of people all over the world, and it's time we start looking to less invasive, more natural solutions to help address our relentless aches and pains. 

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