HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
  • HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
  • HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
  • HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
  • HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit
  • HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit

HBFIT X Highline Wellness Kit

The best product ingredients for versatile skin-care health from HBFIT

Our premium CBD Body Oil is a combination of marula oil, Jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, and Neroli oil provides the perfect base for this body oil because of their powerful antioxidant properties which help ward off radicals from UV damage and air pollution. In addition to containing antioxidants, these oils are very hydrating and great for reviving dull skin

Our Premium CBD Bath Bomb helps soothe, release and restore skin with our freshly scented, high-quality ingredients, and Hemp-derived cannabidiol. A high concentration of CBD may help relieve stress and tension while providing soothing comfort anywhere your body needs it. Packed with rich essential oils, botanicals, and minerals to reduce inflammation, help the body relax, all while hydrating and nourishing your skin.

In collaboration with Health and Wellness Guru Hannah Bronfman's HBFIT and formulated for versatile skin-care health. 


CBD Body Oil:
Apply the CBD Body Oil generously to skin and massage in until fully absorbed. Reapply as needed

CBD Bath Bomb:

Fill and warm the bathtub to a comfortable level, remove the plastic wrapping, and gently drop a bomb into the water and submerge into your best self. Keep bath bombs stored in a dry location and away from moisture when not in use.

Warning:The product has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or efficacy and is not intended to cure, treat, or mitigate any diseases. For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Keep out of eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Those who are pregnant or nursing should consult their healthcare provider before use.
Squirt as much or as little as you would like to lightly cover the areas of your body in which you would like to use the CBD Body oil

Grapeseed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Baobab Seed Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Borage Seed Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Peel Oil, Neroli Oil, Calendula Flower CO2 Extract, Hemp Derived Cannabidiol Isolate

CBD Bath Bomb

1-pack: 100mg of CBD per piece, 1 piece

CBD Body Oil


250mg of CBD

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Our premium CBD Bath Bomb and brand new CBD Body Oil are perfect bedfellows – or should we say bathfellows? In the tub, the premium Bath Bomb is as hydrating as it is soothing for your skin. Anti-inflammatory effects and natural exfoliation properties, plus the calming effects from CBD, will take your bath to the next level. 

Chase that sensation by lathering up post-bath with our new Body Oil, created by Hannah because that’s always her next step after bathing or showering – even before toweling off! With their antioxidant properties, hydrating powers, and the ability to revive dull skin, the potent blend of ingredients she selected makes a perfect base for our new CBD Body Oil.

What Can the CBD Body Oil & Bath Bomb Do For You?

  • Turn a simple bath into a relaxing, restorative ritual
  • Create the silkiest, smoothest sensation your skin has ever felt
  • Nourish and firm your skin with ingredients known for hydrating and reviving
  • Help ward off radicals from UV damage and air pollution
  • Did we mention how amazing your skin is going to feel?

No strains. No stress.


Our products contain zero THC, giving you all the benefits without the “high”.

Hemp Extracted

Our CBD is derived from the hemp plant. This promises that you get the best health results with zero THC content.

All Natural

We produce our CBD by using a CO2 extraction method and mix it with natural coconut oil.

Elevate at your own pace.