We're celebrating our second birthday by converting your favorite gummies into oils and 20% off sitewide for one week only!

Highline Wellness turns two this year and we’re celebrating with a new collection! Throughout the past two years, we’ve expanded our gummy line to create remedies for all your everyday needs. Inspired by three of our most loved gummies, we’re launching a new line of CBD oils for those looking for a sugar-free alternative: Energy Oil, Immunity Oil, and Day Oil.

Wishing ourselves and our Highline Humans a happy second birthday with brand new CBD oils, 20% off all week long and this week only, 2/1-5

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    CBD Energy Oil

    Start every day off right with our new Day Oil. If you love our Day Gummies but want an even healthier, sugar-free alternative, this is the CBD oil for you. The star ingredient is Vitamin B12, an important water-soluble vitamin that’s crucial to maintain healthy blood cells. B12 is also known for its ability to boost energy without giving you the caffeine fidgets.

    Our bodies don’t produce B12 and the most common food sources are typically animal products, which means vegetarians and vegans often unknowingly don’t get enough B12 in their diets. Our Day Oil is an alternative way to incorporate B12, and better still it’s safe for vegetarians and vegans alike!

    Stay healthy and get focused with the B12 in our Day Oil.

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    CBD Immunity Oil

    Protect your body with our new Immunity Oil, which features the all-natural benefits of Elderberry and Chaga Mushroom. Elderberry is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants which can boost immunity, calm stress, and fight the common cold. Chaga Mushroom has a long and storied history in Russia and Northern Europe as a home remedy to boost immunity and improve health in general. In our Immunity Oil, we combined them with CBD for your daily dose of immunity-boosting goodness with the added benefits of CBD!

    Lift immunity and tame stress with the Elderberry and Chaga Mushroom in our Immunity Oil.