Our Story

Chris D'Alberti Chris Roth

Designed For You

Highline Wellness is built upon the basic principle that the consumer should have a trustworthy partner who they feel comfortable buying CBD from. We know that these products reach far beyond the tie-dye shirt crowd, and we strive to offer those consumers a great experience if they decide to use CBD products.

New York City is a crazy place! Between the people, the cars, the noise... When you're on the Highline, you are away from all the chaos and in a little slice of heaven. We want to offer you that feeling, no matter where you are.

A Note From Us

It all began when we started taking CBD after hearing about it from a friend.  As former college athletes with stressful full time jobs, we saw first-hand the benefits of CBD both mentally and physically.  After doing research and digging into the legality and the science, we felt confident that the tide was shifting quickly, and it was only a matter of time before the laws and consumer perception shifted drastically in favor of CBD.  

Due to laws preventing research, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the medical claims around CBD and we appreciate and respect that.  That said, we hear dozens of anecdotes everyday about CBD helping all types of people, and while we respect the science, we do feel strongly that consumers should have a trustworthy partner from whom to purchase CBD. The laws are changing and the science is catching up to reality.

-Chris Roth & Chris D'Alberti