A mission to make a more pleasant world.

We're on a mission to make a more pleasant world, one dose at a time. We provide natural, affordable, and effective hemp supplements to give everyone access to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful state of mind and body.

Effective and trusted.

We make supplements that work. We're here to help you have a better day, every day. A simple pursuit, perfectly suited for the complexities of life. We're committed to making the most reliable products from only the highest quality hemp, 100% natural & free of chemicals, for every type of customer, whether they need daily support or one-time relief.

A more pleasant world. One dose at a time

We created Highline with one simple idea in mind: Developing a more pleasant world, formed from the happiness, health, and comfort of everyone. It's a lofty idea, but the core is simple. Give people access to products that make them feel better and everyone benefits.


"Offering an accessible, high-quality
product backed by lab results."

Abigail Abesamis, Forbes