Highline Humans, we have something new for you! It’s time to be properly introduced to our Rewards Program. It’s a simple premise with an awesome payoff: sign up and get rewarded while you shop! 

Introducing Our Rewards Program!

How does it work?

You earn points for a variety of activities. Some are one-time, such as 250 points just for creating an account, and 50 points each for joining our newsletter, following us on Instagram, and liking us on Facebook. But other activities grant you points each time you do them:

  • Making purchases (5 points for every dollar spent)
  • Referring friends (A whopping 1000 points!)
  • Writing reviews (100 points)


Plus, we offer 250 bonus points on your birthday every year. Happy birthday, everyone!

So that’s how you gain points. What are they good for?

Each 100 points equals one dollar and comes in $5 and $10 vouchers that you can put towards future purchases.

It’s simple: you just redeem your points when you check out. You need at least 500 points to redeem them, but as you can see, they start to add up pretty quickly. A housekeeping note on gaining points from social: they are not awarded if you’re already a follower, so you’ll have to re-like or re-follow to add those points to your rewards bucket. You must also click directly from the site to earn the points.
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Any other ways to get more points?

That’s a great question! The Rewards Program has tiers you can move through. Everyone starts at the Bronze level. Once you’ve gained 1000 points, you move up to the Silver level. Obtain 2500 points or become a monthly subscriber of any product to reach the coveted Gold status. Why is Gold coveted? Because once you’re on the Gold tier, the value of your points doubles! That’s right: Gold members get 10 points for each dollar spent.

We also plan to begin rolling out exclusive tier-based promotions and content. For example, Gold and Subscriber tiers will get higher percentages off at certain times and early access to future sales

By the way, how do you become a monthly subscriber of a product?

Let’s use our CBD Day Gummies as an example. You can make a one-time purchase of the 300mg amount for $35, or you can subscribe for a regular delivery and save 20%! It doesn’t have to be monthly, either; you can subscribe to receive in 15, 30, 60, or 90 day increments. 

Tell us more about the referrals and savings!

We already mentioned that successful referrals gain 1000 points, but we should for the new referrals themselves that they will also get an offer for $10 off by signing up from a friend referral, so it’s a truly win-win for everyone.

Members can save hundreds of dollars per year. Case in point: our highest active member has a 23,000 point balance, which translates into savings upwards of $2,300! If you’re an avid CBD consumer, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to sign up and save. 

Also, where do I even start with CBD?

Need some help narrowing down your CBD options? Not to worry, as our Product Quiz is here to help! Let us know why you’re interested in CBD, whether it’s for general health and wellness, better sleep, sexual wellness, gut health, or one of the other common reasons to seek out CBD, our quiz can help point you in the right direction

Plus, something to look forward to!

New rewards are also coming soon! We haven’t confirmed them yet, but you can look forward to potentially gaining access to free products, additional promotions, and even more. Keep in mind that you can view your current point balance and available rewards anytime by logging into your account.

What are you waiting for? It’s so easy to join and the benefits start accruing right away: sign up for the Rewards Program today, pick up your next bottle or jar of CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, or CBD Topicals, and start racking up the points!