The Dusk Kit
The Dusk Kit
The Dusk Kit
The Dusk Kit
  • The Dusk Kit
  • The Dusk Kit
  • The Dusk Kit
  • The Dusk Kit

The Dusk Kit

Time for bed

Nighttime routines for better sleep have a certain inherent romance, the knowledge that tasks can be put on hold and calls ignored until morning. The quiet and calm of a cozy dark night, anticipating a plush pillow to rest your head. The Dusk Kit, composed of our best CBD sleep products, embodies these dreamy sensations to provide the perfect CBD sleep team to sing your evening lullaby.

CBD Night Gummies - 10mg/serving (hemp-derived cannabidiol extract, total 300mg/container. Take 1-2 gummies as needed. Store in a cool dry place. Each CBD Gummy contains 10mg of CBD.

CBD 250mg Body Cream:

CBD Relief Roller

CBD Bath Bomb 100mg:

Warning: CBD Oil & CBD Gummies- The product has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or efficacy. Keep out of reach of children. Those who are pregnant or nursing should consult their healthcare provider before use. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or mitigate any diseases.


Warning: CBD Facial Mist and Fitness Cream - The product has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or efficacy and is not intended to cure, treat, or mitigate any diseases. For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Keep out of eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Those who are pregnant or nursing should consult their healthcare provider before use.

CBD Night Gummies - To start, we recommend starting low and increasing dosing slowly. Each CBD Gummy contains 10mg of our hemp-derived cannabidiol. Start with 1-2 CBD 30 minutes before bed for a more restful night’s sleep.

CBD 250mg Body Cream: Apply CBD Body Cream to tired, dry, and irritated areas of the skin

CBD Relief Roller: Rub the Roller on specific calming points, like your wrists, temples, behind your ears, and even under your nose to immediately feel zen - with a pinch of cooling sensation

CBD Bath Bomb 100mg:

  • To relax after a long and stressful day of work
  • To calm your body and mind before going to bed
  • Wash away the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Provide your skin with soothing and restorative ingredients 
  • To bring out your best inner self

Take note of how your body has adapted to the cannabinoids on a daily and weekly basis and adjust your dosage based on your desired effect. For best results, we encourage you to stick with the same CBD routine for 30 days.

CBD Night Gummies - Water, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural Fruit Pectin, Sucrose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Blueberry Flavors, Cannabidiol, Melatonin, Sodium Benzoate, Natural Coloring from Spirulina Powder and Vegetable Juice Color 

CBD Relief Roller - Coconut oil, lavender extract, peppermint extract, eucalyptus extract, lemon extract, Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD Bath Bomb 100mg - Sodium Bicarbonate, Epsom Salts, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, sodium Sulfoacetate (SLSA), Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80, Rose, Frankincense, Geranium and Lavender + (Botanicals and minerals) - Rose Powder, Himalayan Salt, Hibiscus powder, Calendula powder, Hemp Derived Cannabodial

CBD 250mg Body Cream: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), DMAE Bitartrate (Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate), Stearic Acid, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Whole Plant Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Limnanthes Alba), DMSO, Avocado Fruit Oil (Persea Gratissima), Witch Hazel Water (Hamamelis Virginiana), Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Organic White Willow Bark Extract (Salix Alba), Organic Neem Seed Oil (Melia Azadirachta), Stearyl Alcohol, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Organic Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Cetyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

CBD Night Gummies

  • Serving Size: 1 gummy (10 mg CBD)
  • Servings per Container: 30 gummies
  • Amount per serving: Calories 20
  • Sugar: 4 g
  • Protein: 1 g

CBD 250mg Body Cream:

  • 2.0 fl. oz. / 60 mL / 250 mg CBD

CBD Relief Roller

  • 100mg of CBD, 10ml

CBD Bath Bomb 100mg:

  • 1-pack: 100mg of CBD per piece, 1 piece
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CBD For Sleep: Gummies & Bath Bomb

Nighttime routines for sleep are simply incomplete without the best CBD for sleep gummies – at least if you’re a Highline Human. Our CBD Night Gummies contain 10mg of CBD with 5mg of Melatonin to help your body relax, encouraging a calmer state of mind and promoting better sleep. 
Take your CBD for sleep ritual one step further with the soothing powers of our CBD Bath Bomb, composed of 100mg of premium CBD alongside freshly scented, high-quality ingredients, and Hemp-derived cannabidiol for a serenely soothing experience. In addition to the potentially beneficial effects of the CBD for sleep, our Bath Bomb is packed with rich essential oils, botanicals, and minerals to promote overall relaxation while also hydrating and nourishing your skin.

CBD For Sleep: Body Cream & Roll-On CBD Oil

Nighttime routines for sleep are all about promoting rest, relaxation, and relief. Our CBD Body Cream is one way to promote relief, offering a combination of a high concentration of hemp-derived cannabidiol CBD with eucalyptus, rosemary, shea butter, aloe, and sunflower seed, rich essential oils known to nourish and activate skin hydration. Reach for the Body Cream when in need of CBD body lotion after exercise, before going to sleep, or whenever your body needs soothing comfort.

Our CBD Relief Roller is a roll-on CBD oil. Sleep stress-free when you help to relieve tension with the combined properties of CBD and essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon, all in one handy little roller. Use this roll-on CBD oil on calming points like the wrists, behind the ears, under the nose, or on the temples and directly to the forehead if you feel a headache coming on

No strains. No stress.


Our products contain zero THC, giving you all the benefits without the “high”.

Hemp Extracted

Our CBD is derived from the hemp plant. This promises that you get the best health results with zero THC content.

All Natural

We produce our CBD by using an ethanol extraction method and mix it with natural coconut oil.

Elevate at your own pace.