Guide to Selling CBD for Retailers

Guide to Selling CBD for Retailers

Many retailers — from boutiques to fitness studios to beauty counters — are hopping on the CBD train and starting to sell CBD products in their brick and mortar locations!

If you’re new to this space, you might be a little lost at how to get started selling CBD as a retailer, but not to fear! We are here to help you navigate the world of selling CBD.

Here are a few key items to look for when you’re searching for a CBD wholesale partner, as well as a general guide to selling CBD at your business!

How to Get Started Selling CBD

Verify Local and State Regulations

Before you begin selling CBD at your business, you should of course verify that CBD is legal in your state. Oftentimes, hemp-derived CBD is legal, but it can differ from state to state. Check your local ordinances on selling CBD (which is different than marijuana).

Vet your CBD Supplier

Have you ever seen a random selection of CBD oil at a gas station? Are you sure that business has verified the CBD they sell is healthy and doesn’t contain any suspicious ingredients?

You should always heavily research who you’re buying CBD from and not just take the first option that comes your way. Every CBD brand is different, so look into each one’s benefits, ingredients, and sourcing.

Things to Look For in a CBD Partner

Free Shipping

Many companies will offer free shipping to their wholesale partners, but keep in mind that they also likely have a minimum order requirement. Either way, you’ll want to save on shipping costs, especially since you’ll be ordering in bulk.

Quick Turnaround

Hopefully your CBD products sell out faster than you intended — which means you’ll need more ASAP! Look for partners who can offer a quick turnaround on your purchase order, so you can keep fulfilling your customer’s demands in your store.

Highest Quality & Safety Standards

You’ve already ensured that your state allows the sale of hemp-derived CBD, but now you need to make sure that your CBD partner follows U.S. quality and safety standards, and that their ingredients are clean.

Wholesale Compliance

To make things easier for your business, make sure your CBD wholesale partner is EDI compliant and is located in the GSX catalogue. This will ensure life is easier for you when it comes to inventory and billing!

Online Portal

Your business is likely guided by technology, and your wholesale partnerships should be no different. If your partner has an online portal where you can easily place your orders and reorders, without having to fill out physical paperwork or call a representative.

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