Happy Birthday, Highline: We’re Two, All Thanks To You!

Happy Birthday, Highline: We’re Two, All Thanks To You!

We almost can’t believe it, but today we’re proud to wish ourselves a very happy second birthday! Highline Wellness began as a first-of-its-kind, premium CBD company with three core products: CBD gummies, pain creams, and oils. Our packaging was different and we were still figuring out exactly what our audience wanted. In just a short time, we added more versions, flavors, and vegan options too so that everyone can enjoy.

Celebrating With New CBD Oils

We've come so far but some things will never change: we are committed to delivering premium and quality products to you, the Highline Humans! Celebrate with us as we share some highlights from two years together, including one special announcement today: the introduction of our latest CBD oils! Your favorite gummies inspired three new oils – Energy, Immunity, and Day – which will be 20% off all week long, this week only.

How It Started

We founded Highline Wellness in 2019 with a mission to provide premium CBD products. We are committed to listening, learning, and researching from the broader CBD community and are dedicated to implementing our insights into improving our product offerings and customer experience.

After connecting with brand ambassadors and engaging with our audience even more, it became crystal clear to us that we needed to elevate our approach and think about how to give our audience even more of the community-minded that they craved. A big component for us was to work with those who really match our intentional mindset.

How It’s Going

Time for Elevated Remedies For Everyday Needs to enter the chat. With the mission to make quality wellness products accessible to all, we balanced our brand aesthetic, launched a brand new website, and vastly improved our packaging. (You’re welcome, vitamin and supplement shelfies.)

In 2020, we had the pleasure of collaborating with an incredible range of health and wellness influencers, celebrities, and ambassadors who have supported the growth of our brand and strengthened our community. Here's a snapshot of all our amazing brand ambassadors who helped make 2020 a successful year for us:

  • Danielle Bernstein
  • Hannah Bronfman
  • Melissa Wood Health
  • Megan Roup
  • Lauren Garcia
  • Jason Anderson
  • Serena Wolf

With Elevated Remedies For Everyday Needs as our mantra, we re-launched with 11 products, eventually doubling that number in less than 12 months! Our Day and Night Gummies were the first two, and then came Mint and Citrus oils. In 2020, thanks to our conversations with brand ambassadors and Highline Humans, we introduced a series of new items representing a greater variety of wellness.

Products We Launched In 2020

  1. CBD Fitness Cream
  2. Bath Bomb w/ Hannah Bronfman
  3. Relief Roller
  4. Energy Gummies
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Immunity Gummies
  7. CBD Lip Balm
  8. Nighttime Melatonin Gummies (Apple)
  9. Nighttime Melatonin Oil
  10. Facial Mist & Eye Balm w/ Alyssa Lynch
  11. Holiday Kits

In addition to the importance of our community, another one of our core strengths is our relationship with our GMP-certified manufacturing partner, which sources organically-grown, broad-spectrum CBD derived from the hemp plant. You will never, ever get anything less than premium quality CBD from Highline.

Year In Review

As a result of having such a great manufacturing partner, we’re able to more successfully build out new CBD categories and create unique products that are perfectly aligned with our brand ambassadors. When COVID struck the US early in 2020, we were able to quickly serve our community by introducing CBD Hand Sanitizers and Immunity Gummies made with Zinc and Vitamin C.

As the year progressed, life was not getting any less stressful, so we partnered with Danielle Bernstein for our first Relief Roller. We were able to cut a check for $10,000 to the American Nurses Association, as well as donate hundreds of products to nurses and doctors throughout the country. Next was our Bath Bomb collaboration with Hannah Bronfman's HBFIT, in which 25% of all proceeds went to organizations fighting social injustice in the United States.

When autumn rolled around, we combined the ultimate power couple: CBD and caffeine, in the interest of providing our audience with a coffee replacement option – all the energy, none of the jitters. Our next collaboration with Alyssa Lynch resulted in a first-of-its kind CBD Facial Mist and Under Eye balm. We’re not done yet: our latest release, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, which promote gut health, have detox and metabolism-boosting properties, and actually taste good!

And for all our vegans and sugar-free people, we are now offering our CBD gummies in oil form! Place a drop under your tongue or in your coffee or smoothie and you're good to go. Our CBD Oils and CBD Body Cream are also both 100% vegan!

In the future we look to expand that reach in ways that specifically address the needs of our customers. We already believe in the power of CBD on its own to help relax and reduce stress and anxiety, as well as how much more CBD gummies and oils can do for you when paired with additional ingredients to help you sleep better, get energized, boost your immune system, and aid your body in physical recovery. CBD is also great for beauty, thanks to its wonderful anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and muscles. Speaking of beauty, we have exciting new partnerships in the works with your favorite brand ambassadors to deliver you new, healing bath and skincare products. If the body feels good, the mind feels even better.

How We’ve Helped

Truth is, none of this really matters if we’re not giving back to the community. Giving back to the world is our number one priority, from creating outstanding products for our community to giving back to the world community through charitable donations. That’s why we’re so deeply proud to announce that in 2020, we were able to donate over $100K to various charities and organizations! In 2021, we strive to do even more, especially in the mental health space, which is still so underserved.

  • Food Bank for NYC
    • In conjunction with the launch of our Hand Sanitizer and Immunity Gummies, we donated 15% of all proceeds to the Food Bank for NYC to help those struggling with job loss.
  • Mental Health America Inc.
  • Campaign Zero
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc.
  • Feeding America
  • Friends of the Australian Bush Heritage Fund
  • ACLU Foundation

Going Green

Last but in no way least, 2021 is also a huge year for Highline in terms of environmental consciousness. We’re really taking a look at our footprint and planning for a large-scale product packaging overhaul come springtime. We’re so excited that all of you have been here for this ride and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Katie Salvi
Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Santa Monica, CA