Can You Use CBD for Muscle Pain?

Can You Use CBD for Muscle Pain?

CBD has many popular uses these days, from helping to promote relaxation to encouraging better sleep. But can you use CBD for muscle pain? The answer is yes! We’re exploring how CBD can help with muscle pain and workout recovery, and why you might want to try it. Before we explore this topic further, keep in mind that it’s always recommended to consult your physician before taking any new supplements or topical creams for pain.

We’ve discussed how CBD cream for pain may support the active release technique, an aggressive form of stretching favored by some chiropractors. But today we’re going a little more broad to focus on muscle pain in general. We’ll be getting into the science of CBD for muscle pain relief and sharing specific tips for which form of CBD may be ideal for you, and more.

CBD for Muscle Pain from Workouts

One of the most common CBD for muscle pain uses is workout recovery. Post-workout soreness is typically due to miniscule damage caused to muscle fibers during certain muscle contractions. Inflammation tends to accompany this damage as well, resulting in aches and pains that are relatively minor and yet still unwanted. Anyone can be afflicted with muscle soreness, from seasoned athletes to training newbies. The stresses being placed on your muscles are causing them to adapt, leading to improved strength and performance. But just because it’s a normal effect doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it! Enter CBD. 

How Does CBD for Muscle Pain Work?

The key to CBD’s effectiveness is the relationship this compound has with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). A biological system just like the nervous, respiratory, or immune systems (among others), the ECS has special receptors that receive and transmit signals within the body. Known as cannabinoid receptors, these are closely associated with appetite, pain, mood, and memory. 

The ultimate goal of the ECS is to promote balance within the body. The system is designed to interact specifically with human-produced endocannabinoids, but phytocannabinoids like CBD are so structurally similar that the ECS interacts with them, too. As a result, CBD is able to respond to stressed receptors and help bring them back into balance. And that brings us back to pain, specifically CBD for muscle pain in this case. 

The Science of CBD for Muscle Pain

Pain relief is one of the most studied aspects of CBD. That being said, it’s still a relatively new form of potential treatment, so we can look forward to many more studies and research to come in the future. But there’s plenty of scientific findings to consult now, as well. Consider this review of 100+ studies, which concluded that CBD may reduce inflammation in the body, as well as help with pain and mobility for multiple sclerosis patients. The results are not necessarily conclusive with regard to CBD for muscle pain, but the authors do suggest that CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and neuroprotective properties, all of which point to a link between CBD and reduced inflammation.

Muscle Pain and Cannabidiol Studies

According to the National Library of Medicine, over 7,000 studies have been conducted exploring the relationship between CBD and/or THC and pain. A few of the more popular studies that have found a compelling link between the two include:

Types of CBD for Muscle Pain

Topical CBD is the most commonly recommended form for muscle pain, due to the incredibly absorptive powers of human skin, and the ability to place it directly where it hurts. It all comes back to the ECS, too – did you know that we have cannabinoid receptors in our epidermal and dermal skin? For that reason, topical CBD offers localized relief, specific to where you rub it on the body.

Two examples of topical options include CBD Fitness Cream and the CBD Relief Roller. The CBD Fitness Cream pairs CBD with light cooling menthol for relief and recovery when rubbed onto areas of soreness. Apply to a tight neck and shoulder muscles after sitting at a desk all day, or keep it stashed in your gym bag for a post-workout massage. The CBD Relief Roller is ideal for targeting pressure points such as the forehead, wrist, and temples. It combines CBD with essential oils for an experience that is strong enough to relieve tension and small enough to go with you anywhere. To support both cooling and calming effects, the blend of essential oils includes lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon.

CBD for muscle pain can be a helpful over-the-counter alternative to soothing sore muscles and achy body parts, whether that’s from an intense gym sesh or the daily desk job grind. To learn more about all the ways that CBD can be used, check out our CBD 101 guide. Stay up to date on all things CBD and wellness by reading our blog. And if you need some more help figuring out which CBD product is right for you? We have a quiz for that!

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