Highline Wellness CBD Sleep Study

Highline Wellness CBD Sleep Study

My name is Dr. Olivia Audrey, I am a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, life coach and holistic wellness expert. I specialize in using natural based methods to educate and encourage people to heal their body, mind and spirit. One of the ways I have personally seen the most efficacy in natural healing is through the use of CBD therapy, to combat pain, anxiety and especially insomnia. Due to the presence of our own body’s natural endocannabinoid system, CBD provides immediate, natural relief without the toxic toll pharmaceuticals can take on our bodies.

Please note: This CBD sleep study is in no way intended or used as an equivalent or replacement for the care of participants healthcare providers. Before beginning any supplement or program, please check with your doctor or healthcare provider directly. 

The Study

Recently, I conducted a single-blind, voluntary CBD and sleep study featuring Highline WellnessCBD Night Gummies to test the results on people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles in order to assess the effectiveness of CBD as it relates to sleep. We began by doing a thorough analysis of any external factors that may be affecting the sleep patterns of the participant – this included everything from discussing their individual stress levels to their intake of caffeine, energy drinks and other sleep disrupting stimulants. The main focus was to eliminate any accessory,additional patterns or behaviors that could be prohibiting normal sleep cycles. Ultimately, we wanted to determine that any sleep gain or loss wouldn’t be attributed to a simple schedule change or lifestyle decision to go to bed earlier. 

As you may have guessed, there is no shortage of people who suffer from the effects of insomnia , ultimately rooted in one constant, universal truth: They ALL wanted a solution to sleep better. Nearly all of the participants had tried some type of sleep enhancer at some point in their journey, from melatonin to prescription sleep aids. With that said, none of them had found immediate, lasting relief, and certainly none without risks and side effects. Many had heard of the benefits of CBD before, but few were educated on how essential CBD is to the body, from sleep regulation to immune system and nervous system function. In order to get a truly accurate result, participants were divided into two groups, named Group A and Group B. Group A began with a placebo gummy to control the contrast between the two groups. Group B began with activated CBD Night Gummies, and neither group was aware of the participants or experience of the other group in order to mitigate the effects of shared communication, experience, sensation, and more.. 

CBD Sleep Study Results

Normally, the results of a single blind study may be more difficult to follow in the short term, as most results are accrued over time and cumulative effect. However, the results of Highline Wellness CBD Night Gummies were almost immediate. Within two days, and most within the first 24 hours in Group B began to experience substantial, if not total relief of insomnia, anxiety and even mental overstimulation, or racing thoughts. This happened while Group A continued to experience insomnia and other conditions they had been previously experiencing.

The difference was drastic between the two groups, where 85% participants began to notice significant differences in their lives as whole. Enhanced work performance, higher energy levels, and less aches and pains replaced the usual complaints they had been facing prior to the study. Halfway through the CBD and sleep study, inactivated gummies were swapped out for activated gummies between the two groups, meaning Group A was now receiving an inactivated supply, while group B began to take activated gummies. Again, the results were astounding, with 85% of participants who had difficulty falling asleep experienced relief with one dosage, while the remaining 25% who had difficulty staying asleep, experienced relief within three days.


These comparisons were impressive, even by conservative means, with 100% of participants having a repeat experience of total relief of sleep difficulty within one week’s time. The effects of CBD have been studied for some time, and most recently hailed as an established treatment for insomnia by major research (1.) So the discovery that CBD worked for sleep disturbances wasn’t as profound, as how well it worked, seen showcased in this specific CBD sleep study. Interestingly, as Group A began to supplement the inactivated gummies, their prior issues began to resurface, such as anxiety, chronic aches and pains and the inability to quiet their mind. However, this change wasn’t immediate. This is likely due to the symbiotic nature of CBD on the body, and its internal Cannabinoid receptors. When an individual is deficient in the required amounts to satisfy those receptors, an imbalance can occur.

Since Group A had established a satiety of those required amounts initially, they experienced relief. Their natural sleep cycles were getting the necessary ingredients to do what the body does best - thrive. After their CBD levels began to decline again after discontinuing activated gummies and beginning a placebo gummy, their issues began to return. This time, after experiencing relief from the gummies, the difference was much more noticeable. Through this process, they were given a glimpse of what their body is naturally inclined to do – sleep and wake in normal patterns, and the ability to calm their mind and their bodies. Due to the high quality and manufacturing standards of Highline Wellness, these participants experienced an even greater degree of relief than a lesser grade or lower spectrum CBD. Much like probiotics, the spectrum of CBD is also important, as each component of the Terpenes and Cannabinoids provide different uses, and an isolated or more specific extract may not allow users to experience the relief that a broad spectrum CBD would. With that said, Highline Wellness has created a very user friendly, all encompassing product, designed to address a wider range of sleep issues. I believe that CBD can be not only supplemental, but based on the results of this CBD sleep study, incredibly essential in helping individuals achieve relief with a variety of sleep and wellness issues.. The superiority of the Highline Wellness CBD Gummies for Sleep stands alone as a supplement in the arena of CBD products as well, with 100% of participants reporting they would be long term consumers of these gummies, even having never purchased before. The bar has been set high with Highline Wellness – I'm a believer myself and now, a lifetime customer. 

Dr. Olivia Audrey

Dr. Olivia Audrey is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, author, and speaker. Growing up on a rural farm in the northeast, she has leveraged her close relationship with nature to understand the connection between all living things. As a result, she pursued her passion for healing through a degree in natural medicine, combining her intuitive abilities and medical knowledge to help people in a way never done before. Dr. Audrey’s clientele consists of British royals, celebrities, pro athletes, CEOs, and Fortune 500 business owners and companies. She leads wellness seminars, corporate strategic advising events, and interactive workshops across the United States. For more information, visit OliviaAudrey.com.